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Introducing the SpiderOak Web API

In our efforts to give back to the community, and create an environment
where our customers can use the SpiderOak service how they want to, we have
released a document describing
the SpiderOak Web API.
This is the very same API we use to implement our ShareRoom and My Login
functionality through the SpiderOak.com website.

Additionally, we have packaged up the custom JavaScript we use to implement
the tree navigation structure in our web interface. The widget is a jQuery
plugin that dynamically creates HTML List elements following the structure of
JavaScript objects. It can drill down into the tree structure by retrieving
data using XMLHTTPRequests, enabling great performance for large trees. The
code is available for download on our Code Page.

We’re also offering other more advanced SpiderOak APIs, such as an API for
‘Zero-Knowledge’ remote command and control of all the devices within a SpiderOak
account, or across many accounts.
Email us for details.

We hope these things are useful, and we can’t wait to see how the community
uses the API to use SpiderOak in ways we haven’t even thought of!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessing your data remotely through the web is the only
instance when your data does become readable; however, these machines are only
accessible by a select number of SpiderOak employees. For continued
‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy we only recommend accessing your data through the
SpiderOak client as it downloads the data before decrypting the blocks.

Update 19 May, 2010: The SpiderOak Web API now supports JSONP! Just append a query string with a callback argument to the regular API URLs, et voilĂ !