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Top 5 Reasons to Care About Privacy

There has been a lot of discussion around our right to privacy and we at SpiderOak couldn’t be happier. We’ve been talking about it for years! Based on some recent conversations, we thought we’d give you five reason to care about privacy.

(1)  It’s Your Identity

You may shrug your shoulders and think, who cares if someone knows my demographics, where I shop, what I read, or what I say – they don’t really know it’s me. Online anonymity is becoming a thing of the past. The fact is, some companies may not keep your personally identifiable information (PII) but that doesn’t mean the information collected can’t or won’t be resold to other parties who are building an identifiable profile on you. Once you’ve released information into the wild, there is no getting it back – and you no longer have control over or any rights to it.

(2)  Your Information Is Worth Money – And You Don’t Want It Used Against You

Companies are paying for your information which means it’s worth cold hard cash. If you are generating something of value, why not treat it as any other asset you own? Furthermore, consider the idea that you could be discriminated against based on this information. For example, a company could charge you more for a product or service and who thinks that is a good idea? Click here to learn how this is already happening.

(3)  You Deserve It, Until You’ve Done Something Wrong

In this country, you are allowed to operate freely – which also means, privately – until you’ve done something wrong. Or at least until you’ve done something to raise the suspicions of the powers that be. Our government isn’t allowed to look over our shoulders unless they have a legitimate reason to do so. This principle was built into the founding of our country.

(4)  A Responsibility to Protect Those More At Risk

Perhaps you’ll decide keeping your data private is not a battle you care to fight but it’s still worth protecting the ability to make that choice. Stand up for the choice so others can also make it. Privacy may not be a big deal to you but it is to others like, children, teenagers, individuals who are pregnant, those dealing with health challenges, victims of abuse, activists, government and public figures, along with many more. It’s our responsibility to protect those who need help protecting themselves.

(5)  Room To Grow

Privacy allows you the space to try on something new, explore ideas, or think through decisions without lasting consequences. Having this freedom is critical to our ability to thrive as individuals and as a society.