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Linux Users: Are You Über Leet? Show Us Your Hacks

Leet greetz to all the linux hackers out there. System Administrator Appreciation Day is next week (July 26). Because:

  1. SpiderOak has a large number of Linux users (inside and out)
  2. The Linux community has long been a do-it-yourself crowd of folks willing to solve their own problems…

We want to tap into your expertise. We know you’ve got skillz so join us for SysAdmin Day! Enter, and you might win 100GB/year.

So give us a shout, via a blog comment, on Facebook, or Twitter:

  • Are you uber leet? Show us your Hacks!
  • Give us your best script (Bash, Perl, Python, whatever!), commandline hack (–datadir ftw!) or anything that gives you bragging rights (ever figured out that prefs.dat is portable? Why? That’s gotta be a good story.)
  • What quirky, zany and inventive ways do you use SpiderOak on Linux?
  • Tips & tricks?
  • Do you have any Linux stories we should hear?

In a week, we will publish the TOP 10 LINUX HACKS for SpiderOak Users. If you make the list, you win 100GB for a year. (Last entry will be taken 11:59 CT on Wed. July 24.)

And heck – if you tell us a story that is that K-rad, we’ve got 50GB honorable mention prizes. Come at us, bro!

Thanks for being such a strong, loyal community. You be some badass h4ck3rz.

SysAdmin Day Follow Up

Hello terminal hackers!

We had a really great turnout for the promo last week. Over 600 of you successfully plumbed the depths of SOTSS and claimed 5 extra bonus gigs. Some of you found the bonus gigs program but got the DEVICE BUSY error. That was a bit of rate limiting we put in to prevent abuse. If you never got bonusgigs to work, please mail support@spideroak.com and we’ll hook you up.

For the rest of you who found SOTSS a little daunting, don’t worry. We’re sorry that you felt left out, and we have plenty of prizes left in our promo bag!

Here’s the solution for those of you who who were wondering:

There are two ways you can get started off. The more obvious way is that you can load help and then run help to view the help. From there you can manually load the various programs listed, including the backup program. The less obvious way is to load autoboot.bak, which will load all the items in the help automatically.

Then you can run backup to dump all the programs to the terminal. Inspection of this dump reveals a bonusgigs program. Load this program and run bonusgigs username, where username is your SpiderOak username. That’s it.

Thanks for playing!

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

EDIT: The day is over, and we have shut down the bonus gigs system. Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll be keeping SOTSS active for a while longer, so you can still tell all your friends about it!

Hello, fellow SysAdmins (and other assorted peons)!

Today is our day! Enjoy it. You earned it.

And to show our excitement and appreciation for all that you do, we’ve created a special kind of bonus for you. It’s a bit of a brain-teaser, and a bit of a retro homage to the bad old days of computing, when a remote terminal was a VT100, memory was measured in kilobytes, and your only hope of understanding a problem was a shelf full of manuals.

Welcome to the SpiderOak Time Stealing System.

Your goal is simple. SOTSS is broken, and you have to get it working. Buried inside the system is a program that will grant you an extra 5GB to your SpiderOak account. Run that program, and the 5GB is yours. That’s it. You’ll need to dig around to figure it out; there’s no manual and the online help is broken. Get creative.

Since this puzzle is for our SysAdmin friends, we’d rather you didn’t post your solutions.

Oh, and have fun. :)

Get Ready for SysAdmin Day!

WiFi Logo. Image credit: Sysadminday

(Image credit: Sysadminday.com)

In today’s day and age, it is easy to take a system administrator’s work for granted. They tactfully bite back the snark every time someone forgets how to setup their email, update a browser, or insists that their passwords aren’t working when – in reality – the passwords are case sensitive…

SysAdmins are brave and talented souls who keep us all connected. And for all this work, they deserve a big ‘Thank you!’. We certainly could not function or do business without both their skills (and snarkiness).

This is why we are going to celebrate SysAdmin Day, and why you should too.

Tomorrow, all SpiderOak users will be able to play a virtual computer puzzle game. Solving the puzzle will grant players 5 additional free gigs.

We look forward to tomorrow and we hope you will help us in thanking all the SysAdmins out there!

Celebrate SysAdmin Day With Us Friday July 27

It’s easy to take a system administrator’s work for granted. Many of us have the expectation that everything we use on a daily basis – from our computers to our company’s internal networks – will work flawlessly. But this is rarely the case. It takes constant effort to make sure that everything operates smoothly and the way we want it to work.

Just because you don’t see the person who maintains the network doesn’t mean that they aren’t there doing the important work involved. We certainly can’t function or do business without their mad skills.

This is why we are going to celebrate SysAdmin Day, and why you should too.

Pay homage to those hard-working server warriors with us this Friday:

All SpiderOak users will be able to play a virtual computer puzzle game. Solving the puzzle will grant players 5 bonus gigs.

Stay tuned, and learn more about SysAdmin Day in the meantime…