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Why Should SpiderOak Choose You to Go Into the Clouds?

It’s that time of year again. Very soon the birds will start their migration toward snowbound northern cities, the first buds of spring will sprout on trees. At the same time, hordes of college students will descend on the beaches of Mexico, the Caribbean and the southern U.S. – turning them into cesspools of sunburn bodies, margaritas and wet T-shirt contests. Ah, spring break.

Spring Break is also a time for college students from around the world to get together and celebrate being young and loving life. In just a few months and/or years most students will have to emerge into the real world (whatever that means). More than 250,000 students will be traveling with friends, family, neighbors, dogs, cats, etc to enjoy the festivities. Reminiscing – it hasn’t been too long since I was in that position. In fact, many of us at SpiderOak remember those days vividly. And we understand how complicated the planning can be. As such – we would like to help you get to your destination by sending you up into the clouds.

There are a number of times in your life where you might need to write an essay or explain why you deserve that ‘top’ spot. These essays are designed to test two major elements: 1) your ability to write well; and 2) your ability to persuade. A beautifully written essay that doesn’t persuade the reader is of no use to you; similarly, a poorly written essay with a strong argument is just as useless. We want to put those skills of yours to use. As my middle school teacher used to tell the class, “put your thinking caps on!”

Essay Instructions

First – Write a few paragraphs (no more than 500 words) on why you should be chosen to receive a $300 American Airline gift card to fly anywhere you want.

Second – You can post your essay on Facebook, Google+, or even your own blog (providing a link).

Third – Tell your friends and family! You do not have to be a student. Anyone can enter!

Fourth – Each person may enter only one essay.

Fifth – Submit all entries by March 11th, 2012

The grand prize winner will be featured on our blog and asked where you went on your trip.

Grand prize: A $300 American Airline gift card to travel wherever your heart desires! We’ll also give you 10 GBs of storage if you promise to take lots of pictures and back them up from your trip. Don’t worry, what is uploaded on SpiderOak, stays on SpiderOak. Zero-knowldge and all that… ;-)

1st and 2nd runner up will receive 10 GBs to store your precious moments as well.

Judging Guidelines:

  • Essays will be judged by your peers and our panel of experts on the SpiderOak team.
  • The judges decision will be final.
  • We are judging effectiveness, insightfulness, creativity, and completeness. As well as sentence structure, range of vocabulary, use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • 50% – Judges decision
  • 35% – Idea Content. Originality
  • 15% – Number of ‘Likes,’ Retweets, and shares on Google+.
  • Even if you don’t win the grand prize, we at SpiderOak want to wish you all safe travels and a good time. Be safe & remember that you only live once!

    Good luck!