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SpiderOak 4.8 Client Beta Release

It’s that time again! Today we are releasing the 4.8 Beta of the SpiderOak desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Whether you’re new to SpiderOak or a current user, you can find downloads for all supported operating systems and distributions here: Beta version 4.8. The download will start automatically for your OS/distribution and install it as you would any software to upgrade your SpiderOak client.

In this version we have focused on bug-fixes and improvements instead of new features. You can find a list of those below.

If you’re looking for new functionality and features, we look forward to wow-ing you with our next release, which will be ready right around the new year.

SpiderOak 4.8 fixes and improvements:

– Fixed bug causing sync to not work correctly under Windows XP in certain situations

-Re-built the Windows installation file as MSI for greater flexibility and installation user management

– Fixed bug causing recycle bin downloads to fail

– Fixed bug causing custom download locations for file-restores not to work correctly

– Fixed bug causing un-installation to require reboot under Windows

So go ahead! Download the beta, try it out, and tell us how we did at: support@spideroak.com