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Ready to Learn & Earn? SpiderOak University is Now Open

Here at SpiderOak, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more. Whether about our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy policy or the way our SpiderOak client works on your computer, we want to encourage you to learn as well. That is why we have officially opened the doors to SpiderOak University – and you’ve got a free ride!

Enter SpiderOak University

You’ll find short video classes taught by our very own CEO, Ethan Oberman. In addition, you’ll find several other videos and explainers that will allow you to not only learn about SpiderOak and how it works on your computer, but also our philosophies and ways that will help you keep your data safe and private.

Pay Attention!

We want to see how much you’ve learned. All students of SOU (SpiderOak University) will be able to take quizzes to get FREE storage! Get all the answers right? You get 2GBs added to your account. Miss one or more questions? You’ll get 1GB added to your account. Anyone can take the quizzes and earn, but you can only take each quiz once, so study hard!

Are you ready to put your thinking cap on? We sure hope so. We look forward to seeing you in class. Visit SpiderOak University.