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What people are saying about SpiderOak (Pt. 2)

We’re thankful for you. We said it Friday, and we aren’t quite done.

One of our favorite things is getting to know SpiderOak users. Our loyal customers and fellow privacy fanatics have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company.

Meet a few more users who were willing to share their SpiderOak story:

Angela, the mother of four:

Gary, the traveler:

“Thank you again for your organization’s fabulous gift of your ‘cloud,’ to me and the friends to which I’ve referred to your company. Your tool allows me to:

  1. Reduce my stress and feel safer because I know that my roughly 25 years of docs are backed-up more securely than on a memory stick or DVD (which I used to use).
  2. Save energy, time and frustration because I no longer need to remember to and, then, manually back up my docs and sync my computers.
  3. Have enhanced convenience and travel about Toronto more lightly without having to drag my laptop because I can access my docs wherever I am in the world via the net.

You won’t be surprised, given the above benefits that I receive from SpiderOak, that I have it loaded into my “Start-up File” on each of my desktops, laptop and wife’s computer so your [client] loads and runs automatically when I start to write. This enhances SpiderOak’s convenience even further for me.”

Christopher, the Linux, Ubuntu and Windows user:

“I am a person who has a certain amount of data I often need to access when I’m away from my workstation. Of course, I’m also concerned that just backing-up to my external drive could have risks. An excellent solution to these needs is the online backup service provided by SpiderOak.

What’s striking about SpiderOak is the elegance and simplicity of the product. A small, easy-to-setup application sits on my Ubuntu and Windows desktops and backs up the data I have specified when it’s created or changed. It’s wonderful that it just gets on with the job without needing my intervention. I can easily make changes to my backup set, check my backed up data, or see how much of my free online storage I have used – which, by the way, is a really attractive feature with 1GB being allocated for each friend referred. I often setup networks and PCs for friends, etc, and I have found that SpiderOak is a great tool for storing useful files in a central location that I can access any time I need to. By using the simple web interface and downloading them I save myself the bother of constantly remembering to have to load a USB stick to carry them around. The same advantages apply when I setup new Linux distros on my own machines.

I’ve also found SpiderOak a great tool to enhance security while travelling. I often travel in Europe on business and previously would carry a laptop or USB containing sensitive data. Yes, it was encrypted, but it gives me much more reassurance that I can now simply access that data securely from my company’s network by logging into my secure SpiderOak account.

Last, but certainly not least, I really like how SpiderOak comes across. The website is simple to navigate and tells me all I need to know. There’s also an element of humour there and in the Twitter feed from @SpiderOak. I really appreciate this. Although I’ve never had a problem with the product, I have the feeling that although SpiderOak people take what they do very seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s refreshing to discover a business that is not laden with empty marketing-speak and actually comes across as if it has pleasant human beings working for it who are interested in what I as a customer need. It must be a great place to work! Thank you for an excellent service.”

What about you? What has been your SpiderOak experience? Leave a comment below.