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Introducing Redesigned Shares

Shares are one of the many useful features in the suite of SpiderOak products. They let you selectively allow portions of your data to be viewed by others. We’ve seen them used for a variety of purposes; sharing pictures with family, providing files to clients, distributing software releases. This week we launched a new redesign of Shares, aimed at improving them along a variety of aspects.

First of all, they look totally awesome.  We’ve been working with a top notch designer (Andrew from http://pautlerdesign.com) who really understands the digital medium, and I think the results speaks for itself.

Introducing New SpiderOak Share Design

New Share Design

On top the new eye-candy, we’ve also made the shares easier to use and navigate. You can easily get a preview of all your items in the grid view, or open your pictures in a lightbox. If you have a sufficiently modern browser, you can even preview your music files in the browser. We’ll be looking into providing in-browser previews for more types of media in the future. One new feature not previously possible: you can now link or create a bookmark that points directly to any subdirectory within a share (so long as that subdirectory still exists; remember your shares are automatically updated as you update the associated folders).

Keep an eye out on the rest of our web backend, as this redesign is part of an overhaul currently in development across all of our web products. We’re looking forward to launching those changes soon, as well as hearing your thoughts and opinions of these current ones.