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The Crypto-Think & The 12 Days of Privacy

At the beginning of the year, we predicted that 2013 was going to be “The Year of Privacy.” It’s been amazing to watch privacy take the forefront in national and international debates as well as have growing attention and importance in the online world. As the new year approaches, we can only hope 2014 brings increased efforts to fight for the right to privacy across the globe.

Today, Dec. 13, we will be holding The CRYPTO-THINK — our very first Web Privacy Think Tank — in San Francisco at our SpiderOak headquarters. SpiderOak and the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Foundation have invited a diverse group of developers from around the country to an open discussion around the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of privacy. “One small step for Javascript, one giant leap for browser privacy.”

We hope this is the first of many events and hackathons that will help improve and change web privacy as we know it. Will you help chart a course to the unthinkable?


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 12 Days of Privacy

12 Days of Privacy SpiderOak Public Private RSA key

On the first day of Privacy

SpiderOak gave to me:

A public/private RSA key!

Starting today – the first day of privacy – we will be sharing over the next 12 days what that means to us as a company. Our version of the song is called the 12 Days of Privacy* in the same tune as the 12 Days of Christmas. Stay tuned to learn via Twitter, Facebook or this blog to see what we’ve come up with and submit your own lyrics for a chance to win free GBs.

Tis the season of Privacy!

12 Days of Privacy SpiderOak

*We do know that the original 12 days of Christmas begins on Christmas day, but we wanted to do our own spin off before the holidays. 

Now Hiring –> JavaScript / HTML5 Engineer

We’re looking for an excited JavaScript hacker to join us and help us
advance state-of-the-art technology implementation in
JavaScript. We’re looking to do some Cool New Things on the web that
have been traditionally limited to our desktop client, and need
someone who can help us push that along.

Do you enjoy trying to push the bounds of browser-boxed computing?
Have you experience with cryptography? Enjoy getting that last little
bit of performance out of V8 as Chrome makes your computer levitate
with the cooling fans spinning up? We want you! You’ll be working with
our existing team of web engineers to bring out new technology and
products allowing people to use SpiderOak in a private fashion no
matter where they are or what kind of device they are on. You’ll be
working on HTML5 webapps with more and more JavaScript getting pushed
further and further beyond the competition.

To hop on board and immediately get rolling, we expect that you
have a grasp of or can very rapidly come up to speed on a wide variety
of technologies around HTML5, including but not limited to:

You’ll have to be comfortable dealing with SQL for data, as well as a
Unix platform for deployment (Ubuntu, specifically). We have an
emphasis on test-driven development that you will be jumping in
to. Finally, our backend software is all in Python, and knowing that
is a major plus but not immediately necessary- if you already know
the above, chances are you can learn a new language if it comes to

If you want to join in on our merry adventure, you will need a
functional grasp of English (don’t worry, we have several staff
on-board already for whom it’s a second or third language). You will
also be expected to occasionally travel (at company expense) to have
some quality face-to-face time. Important cities in the SpiderOakVerse
are San Francisco, CA, Kansas City, MO, and Chicago, IL (for
reference, these three cities make up about half of SpiderOak). A
sense of humor is always appreciated and welcome.

Still interested? Send an email to
jobs@spideroak.com including “web engineer” in
the subject with a little about yourself and your experience to date
(a ‘cover letter’ if you will). NOTE: Resumes are not required as who
you are is more important than what your resume may or may not say. If
we enjoy your thoughts and feel like you will be a good fit, we will
send you a small task to complete. Please do be sure to tell us a bit
about yourself, what you can do, and why you’d like to work for
us. English only, please.

We know there’s talent in everyone regardless of what little papers
might say, so we have no “minimum” requirements for degrees. We’re
also super-equal-opportunity: quality hacking knows no bounds for
race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, species[1], or
religion. If you can meet what we need, we’ll do amazing things
together, no matter who, what, or where you are.


1: The Management would prefer llamas with experience in piloting
luxury yachts.