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2013 State of Privacy Survey

In an effort to better understand how people like you perceive privacy, we created an eight-question survey for you to share your opinions. We’ve been collecting thousands of responses over the last two weeks and look forward to publishing the results.


Submit your answers and enter to win one of the awesome prizes below.

The survey closes on Monday, August 19th.

Thank you for participating and good luck!

Linux Users: Are You Über Leet? Show Us Your Hacks

Leet greetz to all the linux hackers out there. System Administrator Appreciation Day is next week (July 26). Because:

  1. SpiderOak has a large number of Linux users (inside and out)
  2. The Linux community has long been a do-it-yourself crowd of folks willing to solve their own problems…

We want to tap into your expertise. We know you’ve got skillz so join us for SysAdmin Day! Enter, and you might win 100GB/year.

So give us a shout, via a blog comment, on Facebook, or Twitter:

  • Are you uber leet? Show us your Hacks!
  • Give us your best script (Bash, Perl, Python, whatever!), commandline hack (–datadir ftw!) or anything that gives you bragging rights (ever figured out that prefs.dat is portable? Why? That’s gotta be a good story.)
  • What quirky, zany and inventive ways do you use SpiderOak on Linux?
  • Tips & tricks?
  • Do you have any Linux stories we should hear?

In a week, we will publish the TOP 10 LINUX HACKS for SpiderOak Users. If you make the list, you win 100GB for a year. (Last entry will be taken 11:59 CT on Wed. July 24.)

And heck – if you tell us a story that is that K-rad, we’ve got 50GB honorable mention prizes. Come at us, bro!

Thanks for being such a strong, loyal community. You be some badass h4ck3rz.

Announcing the Five 100GB Winners

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our testimonial-100GB giveaway last week!


We had 110 entries across email, our blog and social media. We compiled and numbered all of them. Alan – our CTO and co-founder – ran a random number generation query and that is how we arrived at our five 100GB for life account winners.


  1. Exatto  (email)
  2. Justin M. (Google+)
  3. GM (blog)
  4. Tracy D. (email)
  5. Irving G. (Google+)

If you’ve won and haven’t heard from us, please email us at testimonials@spideroak.com  with your username to claim your 100GBs.


Next month, we are updating the testimonials on our website. We’d love to use some of your submissions along with a real photo (with your permission). We will contact you if your testimonial is chosen and offer you 50GBs for life as a thank you.

High fives and tidal waves of gratitude from the SpiderOak team!

Share Why You Love SpiderOak, Enter to Win 100GBs for Life

Our loyal customers have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company. It is crucial in our efforts to best serve you. We could not thank you enough.

Many of you have reached out to us in the past about why you use SpiderOak and what you think about specific features. At times we have carefully shared your feedback to show real-life examples of people who have embraced ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy, and why it is important.


For the next three days, we want our fans, loyal customers and anyone who loves SpiderOak to speak up and tell us, tell the world, WHY.

Consider these questions (you do not need to answer all of these q’s, they are only to help you share your thoughts; you are welcome to pick one, or just write a paragraph):

  • Would you recommend our product? Why?
  • What has pleased you the most about SpiderOak or one of our product features?
  • What do you think about SpiderOak?
  • What concerns might have prevented you from buying or using SpiderOak?
  • What is your favorite feature? Why?

Of course, we welcome any and all of your feedback. The last entry will be taken Friday June 14 at 11:59 pm CT. We will randomly select FIVE positive testimonials who will win a 100GB account for life. Three of those people will have the opportunity to be featured on our site. We will announce the winners next Monday June 17. 

How can you participate?

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

SpiderOak’s Cutest Tech Couples Results

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our cutest tech couples contest. We enjoyed everyone’s submissions! Valentines Day is about love and we love what our users do for us. Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day.

And with no further ado… The 3 winning people are as follows:

    • First place: Darran C.
    • Second Place: Kevin Y.
    • Third Place: Brandon A.


First place received 15 Facebook “Likes” and chose SpiderOak and Keepass because his life would be safe, secure and in Sync.

Second place chose Microsoft and Barnes & Noble. “Once adversaries in court yet now pushed into a marriage of convenience, the two find themselves meeting secretly in a quiet nook to discuss their future prospects as the wealthy yet socially awkward Microsoft finds itself in desperate need of more content for its nascent media ecosystem while the increasingly desperate B&N wistfully longs to return to its glory days, having been pushed aside from the spotlight by an ambitious and fiery Amazon.”

Third place chose Roku and Comcast. He says, “Roku was ahead of the curve in the streaming box revolution, but like Tivo, ultimately is going to lose out to those with bigger pockets. In the end, it will be Comcast’s desire (like it or not) to expand it’s exclusivity zone of content, streaming, and now news (NBC) that will make this the perfect marriage. The set-top box is the new battlefield for gated communities of content.”

But there is one more winner… YOU!

You all can take advantage of 14% off all yearly plans starting today!

Here is how you can use the SOLove code:



  • Go to www.spideroak.com/signup if you are not a currently signed up.
  • You must first activate your account on your computer by opening the SpiderOak downloaded application and selecting “Activate First Device.”
  • If you have not yet downloaded SpiderOak, you may do so here: Download SpiderOak.
  • Once activated, go to our homepage.
  • At the top right side, you will see “Login.” Click here and enter your credentials.
  • When you are logged in, you will click “Account” in the top right corner.
  • You will then select the orange “Buy More Space” button.
  • Once on the Account Details page, you will select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “SOlove” in this box and select “Update”
  • You should see the discount in the ‘Yearly Billing’ drop down. If so, click “Next.”
  • Your account is now updated. Enjoy!


Mayan Prediction 12-21-12: Just the end of their calendar? End of the world? Or merely a blizzard?

Before I even put my head on the pillow, the screaming wind was banging without pause against my windows. It probably wasn’t a valid fear, but throughout the night I’d wake up wondering if it was going to break the glass and throw a wave of snow and paralyzing cold onto my bed, all over my room. It was an ear-plugs-in kind of night.

I currently live in the literal country in Kansas. Hay bales and cows are scattered about within eye-sight and beyond. I get to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets each week. Four happy farm dogs greet me as I come and go. The nearest store is 20 minutes away. I can see two houses in the distance. It is so peaceful here.

As I floated in and out of sleep all night, I’d be sure to look out and catch glances of the eerie-gray scene unfolding outside. It struck me as funny that tomorrow is the end of the Mayan calendar and one of many speculations is an apocalypse (and where to get a better picture of this than on Wikipedia). You can’t blame me for where my mind went with the brutal weather rip-roaring before my very eyes, accosting my ears.

I woke up this morning to a lighter sky, letting me finally see the blizzard in action. The wind and snow tore forcefully across the plains (the photo doesn’t do it justice). It is the kind of power and grace that makes you pause…

All over the area and into Missouri and Iowa, traffic is at a standstill for hours, schools are cancelled, and people can’t go into work. The news is eating the chaos up, describing the “painful” wind in their fluffy parkas, and following with excitement the night-work of the snow plows and salt-layers.

No matter what you think or believe may happen tomorrow, I believe it is never a bad thing to be reminded that all we ever truly have is today. So this all reminds me: enjoy this day. Each person, each moment. Do things you love with people you care about, while you can.

But for those doom-and-gloomers out there who will be spending their ‘last day’ kissing and hugging loved ones goodbye, partying like it is 1999, or spending the last drops of money in their bank accounts, tomorrow, we at SpiderOak will be developing new features, running our servers, maintaining our beloved Zero-Knowledge privacy, and arguing with each other about who’s working on New Years (or something like that).

For those of you who don’t buy any of it and will carry about as normal, here are two awesome things you can do with your time:

  1. Until Monday night, you can send a friend or loved one a ‘Secret Santa’ gift ON US. Gifts are handed out randomly and include an iPod Touch (1 prize available), a pair of socks (5 prizes available), a 100 GB plan (10 prizes available), a 5 GB plan (1000 prizes available), and 30% discount on all SpiderOak yearly premium data plans (unlimited prizes available). Spread the word! Be generous – it’s fun to give.
  2. Make sure all your documents, files, photos, videos, and data are safely backed up. If you’re new, sign up here and check out the pricing. (There is nothing like going into the New Year with peace of mind. Be sure to share with your friends and family so they can do the same!)

As for me, I’ll spend the day working, listening to the wind howling and banging on every window, and wondering when I’ll be able to get out (I have a holiday party to attend tonight after all!)…

Wishing you a truly rich, wonderful day,

Erin & the SpiderOak Team


(We like our Santa’s like we like our data; secret, private and secure)
People of many backgrounds and belief systems spend time in December reflecting on the year that is coming to an end, setting goals and making plans for what’s ahead. This month brings out the generosity and excitement in many of us which is why we thought it would be nice to do something a little different this year.

A popular holiday activity is called Secret Santa. You may know of it by a different name; however, the idea is the same. Secret Santa is a fun and easy way for a group of friends, family members or co-workers to exchange gifts. One very well known ‘Secret Santa’ program is the ‘Reddit Secret Santa’ (http://redditgifts.com/exchanges/secret-santa-2012) whereby community members all over the world trade holiday gifts.

Being both members and fans of the reddit community and also significant fans of the ‘privacy’ concept, we at SpiderOak decided to run our own 100% free ‘Secret Santa’ program.

I can give away things for free?

Yep! Starting today, you can send anyone a gift to whomever you choose, on us! The gift will be a random selection between:


– iPod Touch (1 prize available)
– A pair of socks (5 prizes available)
– 100 GB plan (10 prizes available)
– 5 GB plan (1000 prizes available)
– 30% discount on all SpiderOak yearly premium data plans (unlimited prizes available)

But how does it work? Can I do it right away?

Yes. Simply go to https://secretsanta.spideroak.com and enter the name, the email address, and personal message (optional) to one of your friends, colleagues, pets or family members.

On December 25th we will randomly match email addresses from the pool of entries with gifts from the prize-pool and send out a ‘Secret Santa Email’ notifying your recipient of what ‘you’ have given them and how they can claim their gift. If you enter a personal message, this will also be delivered to the recipient and joy will be had by all!

Please enjoy the SpiderOak Secret Santa program and have a safe, happy & healthy holiday season!

Announcing the winners of our Halloween Photo Caption Contest: ‘Your Online Privacy’

It was hard for our team to choose three winners from last week’s Halloween Photo Caption Contest around the theme ‘Your Online Privacy.’ We’re happy to announce the top three that we felt best fit the criteria:

#1 New iPad mini: Stephanie

“This is Zara. She used to be a regular human being before her online privacy was invaded by third parties like Google. SpiderOak can help protect you from falling into their traps. Save your souls… and your brains. Get SpiderOak.”

#2 Free 100 GB: Jon

“Even after eating your brains she won’t be able to get into your SpiderOak account. SpiderOak. Sync. Share. Access. Backup. Zombie Protection.”

#3 SpiderOak T-shirt: Keith

“One of many SpiderOak system administrators. (Thank goodness for Zero-Knowledge privacy!)”

Thanks again to everyone to joined us for the contest and above all for your vigilance around online privacy.

Keep an eye out: this coming month we will offer a special deal on storage, launch our new Zero-Knowledge Ambassador program, reveal customer testimonials and continue to highlight the importance of privacy.

Thanks for your entries, contest winners to be announced Monday

Due to the overwhelming response to our Halloween Photo Caption Contest this week, it is going to take us a few days longer to vote on our three winners. We had originally planned on announcing them yesterday, but will now do so on Monday.

A huge thanks to all who participated! We thoroughly enjoyed all of your humorous captions around ‘Your Online Privacy’ that streamed in on Facebook, Twitter, and as comments on the blog.

Stay tuned!

The SpiderOak Team

Halloween Photo Caption Contest: Win a New iPad mini

For those who value privacy and use SpiderOak, one of the scariest things they can think of is their personal information, files or data floating around online*, vulnerable to eyes other than their own. Yikes. No thanks.

So to rid ourselves of the heeby-jeebies, let’s have some fun over the next three days:

WHAT (was that noise?!):

Halloween photo caption contest (see photo below)


‘Your online privacy': All submitted captions entered to win must be relevant to this theme


Contest ends Oct. 31 @ Midnight CT

WHERE (wolves?):

Comment on our Facebook page // Tweet your caption to @SpiderOak on Twitter, using the hashtag #iPadContest // Comment on this blog post below (It doesn’t have to be all three, but the more you spread it around, the better chances you have of winning!)


The SpiderOak team will pick the top three people with a combination of these requirements: 1) The funniest or best caption, 2) The most likes or RTs on Facebook & Twitter, and 3) The most creative approach. We will announce the ‘Top 3′ winners and their caption on our blog on Thursday Nov. 1. Someone from our team will be sure to get in touch with the winners to deliver the prizes.


The top three Halloween photo caption contest winners will get to claim these items below in correlation with their place:

  1. A new iPad mini
  2. 100 GB free with Spideroak
  3. An awesome SpiderOak t-shirt

We can’t wait to see what caption you come up with for the picture below. Good luck!

And in the meantime, beware of what might be lurking around the corner (or on that hard drive in the sky)…

*SpiderOak is the only 100% private cloud environment. Your plaintext data is at risk on other cloud providers’ servers from a subpoena or breach standpoint. We pride ourselves our on extremely unique, flexible, private, and secure product available for you or your business. Learn more at spideroak.com.