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Explaining SpiderOak Through a Comic

As employees of a cloud service, we’ve seen our fair share of puzzled looks when trying to explain what the “cloud” is and how it works. In an effort to amuse ourselves, we’ve invented an alternate theory of how SpiderOak works.

While the real SpiderOak is on the cutting edge of privacy and encryption, this SpiderOak involves real clouds, bi-planes, and a cabana where your computers hang out. We hope you enjoy it.

Introducing Privacy MadLibs: Win Free Storage

Some of us here at SpiderOak loved the game MadLibs when we were younger. If you remember, MadLibs are silly word games that create a new story by changing a few selected words. That is what we want you to do to the text below…


All you have to do is submit your answers/words in the order they appear, in the comments section below (with your username). We will publish our key tomorrow, along with the top three submissions that get closest to the right answers.

  • First Place: 7 GBs
  • Second Place: 5 GBS
  • Third Place: 3 GBs

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

SpiderOak MadLib

We think individuals and companies don’t have to {Verb} their {Noun} online. Companies who can’t offer privacy are forced to sell security alone. However, we believe the cloud can be a perfectly safe place as well.

Privacy has been and will always be a priority for SpiderOak. Everything we {Verb} for meets our ‘Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard’, which means no one at SpiderOak can see your {Adjective} plaintext data.

SpiderOak is often referred to as “the secure alternative to Dropbox”. Our founders {Verb – Past Tense} SpiderOak in 2007 with the ultimate idea to create an environment where they didn’t even have to trust the people that work at SpiderOak. It was {Adverb} built in to the product.

We are very proud of how SpiderOak has evolved over the past several years. Once you download our {Adjective} {Noun}, you can use our software online to back up, share, sync, access and privately store data for only $10/month. You can {Verb} your data from anywhere, from any device: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora & openSUSE). We also offer SpiderOak Blue, which provides the same security and privacy you know and love to businesses. The financial, healthcare, legal, and accounting sectors with sensitive data are especially keen on the {Noun} SpiderOak Blue provides.

Thanks for making the web a safe place with us! We predict 2013 will be ‘The {Noun} of {Noun}. What do you think?

SpiderOak To Open Up The Doors To SpiderOak University

School should not only be a place where learning occurs, but a state of mind. When children – or adults – approach school, they should open their minds, brains, and hearts to learning, unlearning, and relearning. Here at SpiderOak, we are always learning and always encourage others to learn – whether it is our Zero-Knowledge privacy policy or the way our SpiderOak client works on your computer.

Enter SpiderOak University

Tomorrow, we are opening our doors to SpiderOak University. We will be hosting classes taught by our very own Ethan Oberman. Once a week, all students of SOU (SpiderOak University) will be able to take a quiz to get FREE storage!

Are you ready to put your thinking cap on? We sure hope so. We look forward to seeing you on the first day of class!

In the meantime, please enjoy this open letter to students by Vblogbrothers.