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[NEW VIDEO] You + Your Data

You and your data are quite the pair. You spend a lot of time together. And your growing relationship is something you share with others, whether business proposals, in gaming, family photos, your favorite music or movies.

But who makes sure your precious data is safe, private and accessible when you’re not looking? Enter SpiderOak: The only 100% private Backup / Sync / Share provider in the cloud, for you or your business. Access your files anywhere, from any device. Linux, Mac, Windows.

We’ve got your back(up).

Single File Sharing

A few months ago we posted a blog listing some new features that we planned of implementing. Among them was the ability to share just a single file – a feature we had not previously included with the sharing functionality. A good many responses came in suggesting that the ability to share one file at a time would be a welcome feature and certainly be easier than having to create a folder with a single file inside (as our ShareRooms only operate at the folder level).

I am very happy to announce that we have launched our single file sharing capability. Well – to be fair – we pushed this feature a release or two ago but I wanted to make sure I mentioned it in the blog now that it is fully functional and all of the kinks are ironed out. As it so happens, the planning for single file sharing emerged from our recent iPhone development as it integrated the ability to send a link to any file stored in your SpiderOak Network from your phone.

To access this feature in the application, you will find a new menu button on the View tab labeled ‘Link’. When you highlight a file on the View tab, the ‘Link’ button will become active and pressing it will generate a URL to that particular file. You can then cut & paste that URL into an email or other message and send it to friends, family, colleagues, or clients. And similar to our ShareRooms, only that one file will be exposed as the rest of your data remains secure in our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy environment. Further details are available here: release notes for 3.6.9643.

As a last mention, we are now working on our OS integration such that SpiderOak will be embedded inside the Finder/Explorer window on Mac OS X and Windows respectively. In addition to being able to see which files are among the backup set and eventually a status indication, through the contextual menu you will be able to both select additional folders/files for backup and enact the single file sharing feature such that there will be no need to interact with the SpiderOak application.

Please don’t hesitate to send further thoughts and/or ideas on features as we do greatly enjoy hearing your feedback and it is crucial in our efforts to best serve you.