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Dump the Marketing Don’t

On Monday morning this week, we started receiving emails from our PR team at South By South West (SXSW) with the following photo.

Curious if we knew anything about it, we could only respond to them with raised eyebrows and a shrug of ‘No idea!’ As we wondered who was behind this campaign, there was a certain sense of satisfaction and relief that it had nothing to do with us.

While in the world of politics negative advertising campaigns are shown to be effective when used sparingly, we at SpiderOak have not seen the value in positioning our competitors’ offerings as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’.

As our market gets more and more crowded, we aim to educate people about the differences in our services and how it may be more appealing and beneficial to a certain segment. Our marketing efforts revolve around trying to best communicate what we do so those who need us can best find us. Seems like a better approach than telling everyone how bad the other is.

What do you think? Do our marketing efforts resonate with you? Have you ever chosen a service or product due to negative messaging? Have you seen a campaign – like the one referred to in this post – work? Curious to know your thoughts.