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News Users: 50% Off All Annual Plans For World Backup Day – 48 Hours Only

Thanks for participating! 50% off offer is now invalid. You will still be able to use the code below. However, your account will be replaced with 5GBs.

For the first time in SpiderOak history, we are offering a 50% off discount for new users. We don’t want you to become an April fool when it is EASY to safely, securely, and privately backup all your photos, videos, music, and documents.

Get 50% off. Less than 48 hours only. Sign up HERE & use the code worldbackupday.

Instructions for using the code through the Spideroak client or your account page:


  • Open your ‘account’ through the accounts tab in the Spideroak client or click ‘Buy more space’ button.
  • Once on the Account Details page, you will select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “WorldBackupDay” in this box and select “Update”
  • You should see the discount 5GB free option as well as the 50% discount to yearly plans.
  • Choose the option you wish to use, and continue the ‘checkout’ process and you are done!


History of World Backup Day

A redditor originally suggested the idea of World Backup Day in March 2011. The reddit community quickly rallied with him to launch the first-ever backup “holiday.” Learn more by visiting worldbackupday.com.

Two years later, this day means even more to us as digital consumption increases and more hard drives fail each day. Today we want you to join us in not only acknowledging World Backup Day, but also recognizing how important it is for your personal peace of mind to make sure all of your data is backed up.

Why It Matters

Your hard drive may contain hundreds of thousands of files. We want to make sure your files are protected from hardware failures, accidents, theft, the apocalypse – anything. Be sure to take advantage of this deal today so you’re not an April fool. Share this discount with those you love so they can safely back up their data too. Do you run a business? Learn more about how your enterprise can backup its important data or sensitive client information with SpiderOak’s ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy encrypted backup.

Helpful Backup Tips

For extra precaution, here are some helpful backup tips for you to practice and share with your friends and family:

  • Compose your documents with frequent saves to your computer’s hard disk, and always consider that version to be your “original”
  • When you stop working on a project, or when you reach a point where your project needs extra protection, “back up” by saving the file(s) to removable media, usually flash drive.
  • Also store backups in a separate physical location.
  • The second time you create a backup of a document, make it on separate media from the first backup.
  • If you must do significant editing to a document, save it under a different name. Continue to use new names with each edition, being careful not to delete the old saves until you are 100% sure that you will never need them.
  • For extra protection, periodically print your documents.
  • If you have lots of software installed on your computer that would be time consuming to reinstall, consider doing a backup of the entire hard drive.
  • Test restoration. Sometimes computers and humans make mistakes, and sometimes things break.

Thanks for making this day fun, and your help spreading the word. Preempt tragedy and save your data with SpiderOak.

We’ve got your back(up).

Discount starts March 31 and ends April 1 at 11:59pm CST

No Excuses – Back up Your Data!

This week, we want to make sure you all know how important it is to keep your data backed up. As I mentioned on our World Backup Day post, it’s not only making backups that is important; It’s making sure that your backups actually work.

We generate an enormous amount of data in our personal and professional lives. From photos to videos, financial records to emails, documents to music – it would be devastating to lose this data. Sadly, it does happen. But you can prevent it.

Data backup is EASY to do and can save you a great amount of time as well as ensure that your data is secure in the case of disaster. However, we’ve heard a lot of excuses. It is time to put those excuses aside and back up your data TODAY.

Excuses, Excuses

“My computer won’t crash!” Of course you’ve had your computer for a while and haven’t had problems so far. Why worry about it now? This “it won’t happen to me” approach will haunt you later. Data backup is about protecting your data’s future. Look at it like an insurance policy.

“I’ve thought about it but just haven’t gotten around to doing it…” We are all busy. Work, family, friends… Why take time out of your day to maintain data backups? We can empathize with you on how daunting it may seem. However, today’s backup software manufacturers make it easy. Only a few steps are involved in most online backup solutions. With SpiderOak, you merely set it and forget it.

“I don’t know how to backup data.” Fear not. A lot of you understand how important it is, but you are just not sure where to start. You have a few options. Removable media (CDs and zip drives) were once a go-to option. This option just narrows the field a little. External hard drives would be an excellent start. Simply copy folders to your external hard drive and that is your first backup! We’d also recommend a cloud option. There are several that allow ease and flexibility.

Lack of knowledge or denial about the fragility of data storage media is the most common reason, which isn’t an excuse at all. Most people just don’t think about it. That is why we are here!

Do you have any stories to share, or excuses you have heard? We’d love to hear them! Here is a story we’d like to share with you from one of our users:

Also, please be sure to spread the word as we gear up towards World Backup Day, March 31st. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or our blog for more news and deals.

Sign up TODAY and get 5 GBs for FREE

Note: The code “WorldBackupDay” will replace your current amount with 5GBs if you are an existing member.

72 hours only: 28% off an annual plan for Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day (DPD) began in 2008 and is held every year on January 28th. As the big day approaches this Monday and buzz continues around Kim Dotcom’s Mega, we are excited to keep privacy front and center.

Embrace ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy for Data Privacy Day with our 72 hour special promotion:

28% off ALL Yearly Storage Plans

For a limited time only, get 100GB for only $78 per year! (Regular pricing: $100/year.) Take advantage by visiting SpiderOak.com/signup and use the promo code “DataPrivacyDay” in your account settings.

Instructions for using the code:

  • Go to www.spideroak.com/signup if you are not a currently signed up.
  • You must first activate your account on your computer by opening the SpiderOak downloaded application and selecting “Activate First Device.”
  • If you have not yet downloaded SpiderOak, you may do so here: Download SpiderOak.
  • Once activated, go to our homepage.
  • At the top right side, you will see “Login.” Click here and enter your credentials.
  • When you are logged in, you will click “Account” in the top right corner.
  • You will then select the orange “Buy More Space” button.
  • Once on the Account Details page, you will select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “DataPrivacyDay” in this box and select “Update”
  • You should see the discount in the ‘Yearly Billing’ drop down. If so, click “Next.”
  • Your account is now updated. Enjoy!
  • DPD’s focus is on raising awareness about the importance of protecting privacy online. Many individuals, companies, organizations, and even government agencies are helping spread awareness about respecting privacy. If you’re on Twitter, join the conversation about safeguarding data with the hashtag #DPD13.

    Here are some of the people already talking about DPD:

    On Monday we’re making a big announcement about the future of privacy in the cloud, and we’ll also offer some privacy tips for everyday life. In the meantime, please ‘Like Us’ on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and help us spread the good privacy word.