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Now Hiring –> Mac Client Engineer

SpiderOak is looking to expand out our development staff for working
on driving client development into the future. We are looking for a
talented, driven, Python and Objective-C slinging engineer excited to help us
push the boundaries of what people think is possible on the Mac.

Our goal is to enable SpiderOak to both better understand OS X, and to
also tie into OS X. In our Blue product for Windows, we have an
elementary Win32 Explorer extension that lets you add things to the
backup set and create single-file share links. On the Mac side, we
have something sitting on the sidelines in our skunkworks and need
someone to take lead on it and to shepherd it to completion and
shipping. Experience in PyObjC and digging through the Objective C runtime is desired. In addition, our engineer will be working on the SpiderOak
client backend, focusing on both general non-OS-specific work as well
as enhancing our product on the OS X platform. Finally, this person
should be an educator, capable of and willing to teach other
SpiderOakers details about the platform.

SpiderOak is a distributed, virtual-office, work-from-home company. Any engineer we hire will have
to be a top-notch communicator. They will be expected to reliably show
their face around our super-duper IRC channel at some point during
typical US business hours as well as jump in and communicate across
our issue tracker, email, and wiki. While you can work out of a
darkened basement at your whim (which some of us do!), you cannot
expect to venture off and not have to communicate with other

If you want to join in on our merry adventure, you will need a
functional grasp of English (don’t worry, we have several staff
on-board already for whom it’s a second or third language). You will
also be expected to occasionally travel (at company expense) to have
some quality face-to-face time. Important cities in the SpiderOakVerse
are San Francisco, CA, Kansas City, MO, and Chicago, IL (for
reference, these three cities make up about half of SpiderOak). A
sense of humor is always appreciated and welcome.

Still interested? Send an email to jobs@spideroak.com including
“mac client engineer” in the subject with a little about yourself
and your experience to date (a ‘cover letter’ if you will). NOTE:
Resumes are not required as who you are is more important than what
your resume may or may not say. If we enjoy your thoughts and feel
like you will be a good fit, we will send you a small task to
complete. Please do be sure to tell us a bit about yourself, what you
can do, and why you’d like to work for us. English only, please.

We know there’s talent in everyone regardless of what little papers
might say, so we have no “minimum” requirements for degrees. We’re
also super-equal-opportunity: quality hacking knows no bounds for
race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, species[1], or
religion. If you can meet what we need, we’ll do amazing things
together, no matter who, what, or where you are.


1: Sheep are especially encouraged to apply if they do not mind being
cloned to produce free copies of themselves to provide additions to
our workforce.

PowerPC Mac Users: ATTENTION!

In the past three months, 0.13% of the SpiderOak clients that have logged in have done so from a PowerPC system. We certainly have every expectation that this percentage will continue its slow decline.

It is rather sad, but unfortunately maintaining SpiderOak’s evolving functionality along with support for the PowerPC version is an increasingly taxing proposition especially given the complete lack of support from Apple.

Given the above, we are officially (albeit sadly) canceling support for the PowerPC with our next release. We do not have plans to completely strip out the specific PowerPC code immediately and we will definitely let you all know when we are making changes that we know explicitly will break PowerPC support.

We do apologize to you 0.13% (you know who you are) and thank you for your understanding. We will be happy to answer any questions or thoughts you may have in the comments.