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We’re hiring a new Marketing Manager

Most people don’t care about privacy. But we do. SpiderOak is looking for a great Marketing Manager who knows both B-to-B and B-to-C marketing.  We’re a software company so you need to have a good level of technical expertise but also have the talents needed to translate that into compelling consumer benefits.  You will work […]

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SpiderOak is hiring a new Customer Relations rep!

This is a full-time, flexible hours, work-from-home position which is available to any city in the world (although we strongly prefer someone living in Kansas City). SpiderOak is an all-telecommute company of about 50 people; we use chat rooms, wikis, email, and video conferencing to coordinate. This job requires a lot of self-motivation, since you’re […]

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Join EFF, SpiderOak, GoldenFrog & more at SXSW #TakeBackYourInternet

We’ll be at SXSW next week! If you’re in Austin, join us (for free!) at the Take Back Your Internet panel. We’ll be sponsoring the event along with several others. Simply RSVP for the evening of Monday, the 16th. Enjoy free drinks and join the conversation on Net Neutrality. Five expert panelists will examine the recent proposals by […]

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Now Hiring –> Python Web Developer!

Most people don’t care about privacy. But we do. SpiderOak is interested in finding a Python-speaking web developer to build great user experiences for our public-facing web presence and in-house communication tools. You will be working closely with our designers and our CMO to craft the perfect web presence for SpiderOak. You’ll be expected to have mastery of […]

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Special discount for SpiderOakers: 25% off Golden Frog’s VyprVPN

Many of you privacy-lovers have asked us recently about a VPN solution we’d recommend. We’re happy to share that we’ve worked out a deal with GoldenFrog who is now offering all SpiderOak users 25% off one year of it’s VyprVPN product. (Use the special code: SPIDEROAK25OFF) This 25% off discount applies to yearly plans only, and takes you from its […]

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Who deserves privacy? A response to the iCloud hack

Everyone has been talking recently about the huge iCloud hack last weekend. While a lot of people are outraged on behalf of the victims, a disturbingly high number of people seem to think these celebrities brought the theft and the resulting publicity on themselves. If you take nude selfies and share them in any digital […]

Read More and related SSL certificates were changed yesterday due to the OpenSSL Bug

As has been widely published, a significant vulnerability has been found in OpenSSL, the transport encryption library used by many SSL websites. SSL is the mechanism that encrypts your browser’s connection to the server, verifying the server’s identity and preventing eavesdropping. Many people know it as the padlock icon in a web browser. Many sites […]

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Dear Ubuntu One Users: What SpiderOak Can Do For You

Canonical announced today that Ubuntu One is shutting down. In addition to natively supporting Linux since day 1 in 2007 (my machines run Ubuntu, Debian, and RedHat) we also support Windows and Mac allowing you to be flexible.  Enjoy our easier pricing and Zero Knowledge Privacy Policy and keep your data safe, synced, and private!  Over 20% of our […]

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Get Unlimited Storage in Honor of World Backup Day

Limits are like rules. They are made to be broken. So what if there weren’t any limits? What if we gave you infinite GBs? Would you back up all your Frank Zappa albums? Or the entire Wong Fei Hung film series? Perhaps you would store a digital copy of every photo you have ever taken… Whatever the […]

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We’re hiring a new CR rep!

SpiderOak is in the market for a new customer relations associate. This is a full-time, flexible hours, work from home position which is available to any city in the world (although we’ll give preference to someone living in Kansas City, Chicago, or San Francisco). SpiderOak is an all-telecommute company of about 40 people; we use […]

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