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SpiderOak: Blue for Enterprise

Imagine yourself the CIO of a major company, walking down the street and thinking (as CIOs tend to), “gosh, I love SpiderOak, but it’s just too awkward to use across my company!” At this point, I teleport in. “But wait!” I exclaim. “We’re now working on a solution just for you and your business! SpiderOak […]

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Introducing SpiderOak Open License – Just in time for School

Over the last several months we have received requests for a version of SpiderOak that could work in compliment to the institutional setting – schools, colleges, universities, research centers, and the like. As the fall is now upon us, we thought it would be a good time to introduce our latest product that meets the […]

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Android and… THE FUTURE!

In the mobile world here at SpiderOak HQ, there’s two things that have some code being laid down already, and they’re interrelated. The first is that an Android app is now being actively worked on. Yes, I know we’re late to the party. If it’s “fashionably late”, or “better late than never”, or “about darn […]

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Single File Sharing

A few months ago we posted a blog listing some new features that we planned of implementing. Among them was the ability to share just a single file – a feature we had not previously included with the sharing functionality. A good many responses came in suggesting that the ability to share one file at […]

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Building a Server

Most companies pay a lot of money to have have third-parties build and maintain their storage infrastructure, often at an enormous markup beyond the cost of the hardware. At SpiderOak, they do things a little bit… differently. They have me. A big part of my job is following the industry and researching and testing new […]

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What does i_ m__n __ __v_r _____ ___ ____ ____ ___c_?

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our block level de-duplication, how it works, and how it is applied through the SpiderOak process. As I consider myself to be layman, please allow me to explain this in more simplistic terms – such that even I will be able to understand. For the […]

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