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Santa’s Naughty or Nice Tech Companies 2012

On this day of December 25th, we hope those of you who received the magic of Santa are busy admiring and playing with your new gifts. Congrats for being such a good boy or girl. If you awoke to coal in your stockings, well, better luck next year! You probably didn’t need to accumulate more […]

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Naughty or Nice Tech Companies

Working at SpiderOak does come with its privileges and secrets. You can imagine our surprise when Santa and his elves shared with us this year’s Naughty or Nice list. Being one of the most secretive and elusive men of all time, it’s no wonder Santa shares our love and passion for privacy. On December 25th, […]

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(We like our Santa’s like we like our data; secret, private and secure)People of many backgrounds and belief systems spend time in December reflecting on the year that is coming to an end, setting goals and making plans for what’s ahead. This month brings out the generosity and excitement in many of us which is […]

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Why Should SpiderOak Choose You to Go Into the Clouds?

It’s that time of year again. Very soon the birds will start their migration toward snowbound northern cities, the first buds of spring will sprout on trees. At the same time, hordes of college students will descend on the beaches of Mexico, the Caribbean and the southern U.S. – turning them into cesspools of sunburn […]

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Twitter contests here we come!!!

Here at SpiderOak, we are all about providing an innovative and secure online backup, synchronization, and sharing solution in addition to great service to our customers. However, we also have lighter side. With the release of our Sync functionality and brand new Affiliate Program, we have decided to reward our Twitter friends by starting the […]

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