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Ken Manheimer

SpiderOak Mobile App: Fun with Internationalization

As we release our mobile app with support for six¬†languages – English (two dialects), French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish – it’s worth mentioning some interesting things about the implementation, to convey a sense of the ways it impacts our app development. “Internationalizing” an app (“i18n” = “i” + 18 characters + “n”) touches every […]

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Release Updates: 5.1.1, iOS & Android Hybrid HTML5 mobile client v 2.9.0

Later this week we will share what else you can expect from us in 2014; but for now, here is our most recent release updates. Thanks for your support! You can now download SpiderOak Orange General Release 5.1.1, featuring auto-proxy-configuration, new download-code and much more: Fix: dir-watcher didn’t stop on Ubuntu 13.10 Fix: Don’t minimize […]

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HTML5 Mobile Client Open Development Project

I’m happy to announce that SpiderOak will be proceeding with its development of the new mobile client as an open development project. We are eager to arrange greater access to progress, as it proceeds, and to provide more opportunities for interested users to contribute, in various ways. This means that we will be continuing our […]

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