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Frank Sievertsen

Exploit Information Leaks in Random Numbers from Python, Ruby and PHP

The Mersenne Twister (MT 19937) is a pseudorandom number generator, used by Python and many other languages like Ruby, and PHP. It is known to pass many statistical randomness tests, but it’s also known to be not cryptographically secure. The Python documentation is clear on this point, describing it as “completely unsuitable for cryptographic purposes.” […]

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Easter present for owners of Nokia N900 Maemo Phone

We know many of you are open-source enthusiasts like we are, and some of you own a Nokia N900 Linux-Phone like I do. Nokia might forget us, however we didn’t. Ever wanted to access all your files from SpiderOak on your Maemo phone? Just direct your Maemo-browser to this installer file and install our new […]

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