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Bryon Roche

New GPG key for Ubuntu/Debian repositories

Hello to our Debian and Ubuntu users. Our signing repository key has expired, and so new packages for these platforms are in place to rectify this. Users on these platforms will need to use one of the following two procedures for automatic package updates to continue. Our new signing key info you should see is […]

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Hello, Fedora!

Hello everyone! After fighting with KVM, Fedora Core 10, namely bug #475598, spots where RPM’s macro behavior doesn’t *quite* match the RPM guide, a miscompiling GCC, and a mis-named libssl in a pear tree, we have some hot fresh RPMs that you can use, if you like. You can direct download FC10 RPMs of our […]

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Python is Python is Python…. except when it isn’t Python.

One of the largest factors to recommend dynamic interpreted languages and runtimes is, of course, memory and object management. However, when interfacing these to external libraries, the boundary is crossed from a managed environment to a binary ABI environment, with all the ‘fun’ that entails. This becomes especially interesting when your interface is a ‘light’ […]

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Challenges in compatibility

Recently in the SpiderOak application, we fixed a bug relating to cross-platform compatibility. As some observers have mentioned, we implement most of our system in Python. In the Python world, there is an amazing amount of support libraries and software available, with differing degrees of maturity. Much software is still only tested in a limited […]

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