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Chip Black

Upgraded ZIP Functionality for Web Access

We’ve upgraded the zip download in our web shares and web login, and it now creates ZIP64 archives (also sometimes referred to as version 4.5 archives). ZIP64 allows us to create archives with more than 65535 files and archives larger than 4GB. Unfortunately, not all zip programs support ZIP64. Most notably, Windows XP’s Explorer does […]

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Welcome to the New Blog

If you’re here visiting our blog in person (hello to all our RSS readers out there!), you’ll notice we’ve changed things up. Our blog has a whole new look, and behind the scenes we’ve changed how things work to make blogging easier on us. Our new blog allows us to better communicate with you guys […]

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User Signups Fixed

If you tried to sign up for a new account, add a device, or reinstall a device in the last day, you probably ran into the dreaded “502 Bad Gateway” error. After a routine upgrade, our new user process stopped working and unfortunately, due to complications with our monitoring systems and most of our customer […]

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Building a Server

Most companies pay a lot of money to have have third-parties build and maintain their storage infrastructure, often at an enormous markup beyond the cost of the hardware. At SpiderOak, they do things a little bit… differently. They have me. A big part of my job is following the industry and researching and testing new […]

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Notes from the Dungeon

Hi, I’m Chip, SpiderOak’s semi-resident sysadmin. I’m the guy in the picture below who looks like he’s up to no good. }:-> Mostly, I’m in charge of keeping the beasts in the server room well-fed and happy, which, like most admin work, involves generous helpings of my sanity. It’s a job that requires me to […]

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