September 3, 2013

Ready to Learn & Earn? SpiderOak University is Now Open

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Here at SpiderOak, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more. Whether about our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy policy or the way our SpiderOak client works on your computer, we want to encourage you to learn as well. That is why we have officially opened the doors to SpiderOak University – and you’ve got a free ride!

Enter SpiderOak University

You’ll find short video classes taught by our very own CEO, Ethan Oberman. In addition, you’ll find several other videos and explainers that will allow you to not only learn about SpiderOak and how it works on your computer, but also our philosophies and ways that will help you keep your data safe and private.

Pay Attention!

We want to see how much you’ve learned. All students of SOU (SpiderOak University) will be able to take quizzes to get FREE storage! Get all the answers right? You get 2GBs added to your account. Miss one or more questions? You’ll get 1GB added to your account. Anyone can take the quizzes and earn, but you can only take each quiz once, so study hard!

Are you ready to put your thinking cap on? We sure hope so. We look forward to seeing you in class. Visit SpiderOak University.

  1. This is a brilliant idea. I’ve sit all your tests last Friday and have not heard anything from you… How long does it take to score tests?

      • Hey there,

        Firstly, thanks for participating! Since there are so many quizzes being submitted, we are grading and applying gigs in batches every Friday. At the moment, we aren’t revealing answers, but you’ll be able to tell once your earned storage is issued after grading.

        Please let us know if you have any other questions.

        • Hi,

          Is the grading done per quiz or is it a general grading for all quizzes at once? I completed 2 quizzes over a week ago and still haven’t seen an increase in my storage account. Do I need to finish them all?

          • Hi,

            Yes this is something I was confused about as well. Is it 2Gb per quiz completed or is it 2Gb for all quizzes completed?

            I have completed a couple of quizzes but have not received any storage space increase or response that it has been processed.

          • Hello,

            It is 1 GB for trying, 2GBs if you get all the questions right for each quiz. Hope this answers your question.

    • Any update on the scoring? I took several quizzes a couple of weeks ago, but, haven’t seen any changes in my account.

      Thanks for a great product and an opportunity to get some more space for free!


    • Everything seems to be fine on our end. Please let us know if you continue having problems accessing the site.

      • The site is up now, but it was 403 for about 3~4 hours on my previous post. Now the “Why Privacy Matters” and “Cookie Dough” lessons I am getting 504 errors. There must be some funky connection problems between my ISP and your servers. The exact error message says:

        HTTP ERROR: 504
        Gateway Timeout