August 16, 2013

2013 State of Privacy Survey

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In an effort to better understand how people like you perceive privacy, we created an eight-question survey for you to share your opinions. We’ve been collecting thousands of responses over the last two weeks and look forward to publishing the results.


Submit your answers and enter to win one of the awesome prizes below.

The survey closes on Monday, August 19th.

Thank you for participating and good luck!

  1. The first question does not provide adequate options. I store my most valuable information in multiple locations–redundancy is an essential component of a good backup strategy. I certainly store my most important files in the cloud (shout out to SpiderOak!), but I also use local backups to an external hard drive (and even some DVDs for extra redundancy for long term archives of files that don’t change–namely, photos). Cloud backup is great because it allows (1) easy versioning, (2) continuous, real-time backups, (3) files stored off-site, which protects me from data loss due to a local natural disaster or theft, (4) protection against failure of the backup medium (i.e., hard drive failure). But local backups are great too because they allow (1) access in the event that the cloud provider shuts down or has a catastrophic failure or goes bankrupt, etc., and (2) allows MUCH faster access/restore for large backup sets. (Can you imagine trying to download 1 TB of photos from the cloud!?)

    I would really love for SpiderOak to develop a good local backup option, preferably encrypted with a separate (offline) decryption tool.

  2. Btw, when are you planning to publish both the results and winners? (+ same remark as poster above me, first question didn’t really provide proper options in my opinion)