July 25, 2013

SpiderOak 5.0.2 release

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We’re happy to share some new updates with you. Please find the update on our Downloads page.

This 5.0.2 general release includes:

  • Fix a bug causing uncontrolled growth of application data folder during large downloads.
  • Fix a bug allowing user to set up a sync feedback loop involving the Hive folder.
  • Now removes folder branding when disabling SpiderOak Hive.
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to sometimes launch at OS startup even when that option was disabled.
  • Fix SpiderOak Hive branding on OpenSUSE 12.x.
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to crash on Windows with certain non-English characters in account info.
  • Fix a bug preventing SpiderOak from immediately picking up changes to Hive Folder in some circumstances.
  • Fix a bug causing the OS integration about dialog to crash when SpiderOak is running.
  • Prevent OS integration icon overlays from showing on excluded files/folders.
  • Fix a bug causing sync to fail for filenames containing invalid characters.
  • Ensure Hive Folder branding is set up correctly upon device reinstall.

Read all release notes here.

  1. I’m confused. Is this release different from last month’s 5.0.2 release or is this just a late announcement.

    I’m really looking forward to 5.0.3 since it is hopefully supposed to fix a bug preventing me from creating new Syncs.

  2. There seems to be a bug on all my desktop installs, where it stalls at “Waiting to receive initial updates from server”. Searched all over and didn’t find any remedy… any advice much appreciated.

  3. Yeah, I’m stuck on “Action – Save Backup Selection” on all PCs I have. Can’t find the download link for 5.0.3.

  4. Version 5.0.2 in Linux does not allow me to add new directories to syncs. Anyone know how to fix this bug?

  5. I have the same problem with waiting for initial updates from server on Win 7. I just installed 5.0.2 (it uninstalled previous installation) hoping that would help but it didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this