June 11, 2013

Share Why You Love SpiderOak, Enter to Win 100GBs for Life

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Our loyal customers have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company. It is crucial in our efforts to best serve you. We could not thank you enough.

Many of you have reached out to us in the past about why you use SpiderOak and what you think about specific features. At times we have carefully shared your feedback to show real-life examples of people who have embraced ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy, and why it is important.


For the next three days, we want our fans, loyal customers and anyone who loves SpiderOak to speak up and tell us, tell the world, WHY.

Consider these questions (you do not need to answer all of these q’s, they are only to help you share your thoughts; you are welcome to pick one, or just write a paragraph):

  • Would you recommend our product? Why?
  • What has pleased you the most about SpiderOak or one of our product features?
  • What do you think about SpiderOak?
  • What concerns might have prevented you from buying or using SpiderOak?
  • What is your favorite feature? Why?

Of course, we welcome any and all of your feedback. The last entry will be taken Friday June 14 at 11:59 pm CT. We will randomly select FIVE positive testimonials who will win a 100GB account for life. Three of those people will have the opportunity to be featured on our site. We will announce the winners next Monday June 17. 

How can you participate?

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!
  1. I would definitely recommend SpiderOak, and do so on a regular basis to friends and family, because it has always worked well for me and offers privacy, which I hold of most value above all else. The encryption starting on my end has pleased me most about the product, I rest that much easier knowing all of my data is secure. I am also pleased by the deduplication and compression features of the upload and storage process, which reduce the space used up on my account and the bandwidth required to upload my files. I think that SpiderOak is a great product, that the team behind it care for the user (not just trying to make a quick buck), and that it satisfies all of my basic online storage needs. Even though I would love to backup all of my data on SpiderOak, the cost required to backup several terabytes as well as the annoying bandwidth caps placed by Comcast (not a fault of SpiderOak, obviously) prevent me from doing that at this time. At some point in the future, when I have a higher income and an ISP that doesn’t place such restrictions, I certainly plan on purchasing additional storage. My favorite feature, as mentioned above, is the deduplication and compression features; similar services which claim to offer such features do not seem to use it nearly as effectively and I run out of space before I’m done uploading my first folder.
    Overall, SpiderOak has spoiled me with such great service and I see no change in my choice for online storage anytime in the foreseeable future. I like my privacy and given the recent privacy fiascos with the US government, I am that much more determined to stick to services that put the user ahead of all else. SpiderOak for the win!

  2. I recommend SpiderOak for their TrustNoOne stand where only you know the encryption key to access your data. This is especially worrisome being from outside of the US and concerned about the current government snooping revelations. Another good feature of SpiderOak is the ability of the software to Sync across multiple devices as well as being able to backup folders where they are on your hard drive rather than having to copy the files to a particular folder. This makes normal day to day operations on your computer run a lot more seamlessly.

  3. The reason I tell people about SpiderOak is not because of your Zero Knowledge policy. And not because of the security you offer or because of your desktop client (no matter how many features it has). Well of course everything mentioned above counts but it’s not the main reason. The main reason I tell people about SpiderOak is because you open people’s eyes and in doing that you open their mind. You show them what “personal data” should mean and how perception should change towards the “personal” part. You did the same thing for me: at the time I was just looking for more free cloud space. After I found you guys that changed a lot. I can say I see things differently now. And that is the reason I tell people to look you up.

    I am now a happy customer that is no longer looking for “more free cloud” but has decided to go with quality and maturity. Thanks for the change of mind guys.

  4. Would I recommend SpiderOak? Absolutely. In this day and age, we all have data of some sort. That data needs to be backed up and we need to access it from various locations. Just as importantly, we need to make sure our data is private and secure. When I finally decided to update my data maintenance procedures from making local physical copies to storing my data in the cloud, I initially considered storing everything on Microsoft’s Skydrive. Thankfully, I did a bit of research before I did that and found that even though Microsoft secures the communications channel while transmitting the data, once the data gets to their servers it sits there un-encrypted. If someone hacks into their servers, if a data center employee gets bored one night, if someone makes a configuration mistake, if the government wants access to the data, then the privacy and security of our data is compromised. Even worse, Microsoft attempts to obfuscate the fact that the data on their servers is un-secured by trying to focus people on their use of SSL during transmission. SpiderOak solves that whole issue for us. From the moment the data leaves our machines, it’s secure. No one except us (without a whole lot of effort) can get access it. I use SpiderOak to keep all our data securely backed up and accessible. That data represents our entire life’s history. I can’t imagine what would happen if we were to lose it or if someone compromised it. With SpiderOak, I can rest easy knowing I’m safe.

  5. I always recommend SpiderOak to people using Dropbox or any other file storage site. Not only are the others not secure, but Dropbox has had more than one major security incident that was caused by their own staff. I know with SpiderOak that even a mistake by the staff could only expose my encrypted data but never my key.

  6. Why I use SpiderOak.

    SpiderOak has been my go to for cloud backup and syncing for a slew of reasons but mostly due to the zero knowledge policy by the company in regards to my data. In a time where users feel that they have no privacy and people and governments appear to have their fingers in all of our personal bits and bytes, I feel very comfortable knowing that my data at SpiderOak is secure. I trust them to hold safe my data knowing that at the end of the day it’s still MY data. Thanks SpiderOak!

    -Chris Niewiarowski

  7. So far I am impressed by SpiderOak and its proactive commitment to privacy and security, and its openness about how it protects both.

  8. Why do I love SpiderOak?

    I don’t have to worry. No matter what happens to any of my computers, everything is safe. My tax returns, the novel I’ve been writing for years that I may never finish, my family tree, my photos, my music, my life and my memories… are all safe. Left my laptop on the roof of the car? No problem. Hard drive crash? No problem. Accidentally deleted my favorite album? No problem. And everything is encrypted – the only person that can view my data is me. I’ll never be without SpiderOak.

    Thanks for a great service.

  9. My favorite feature of SpiderOak is the very high level of encryption that they put on all of the data by default that is backed up to their servers. Not even their own employees can get access to our data.

  10. SpiderOak for me is the most reliable and secure safehouse for data. Once it’s set up (and that is not rocket science) it’s super simple to share my information over any device I have or will have.
    I’m a writer, I like to write anywhere, so when I’m away from my main computer, a netbook or laptop is always able to grab my latest versions of work. I never have to be afraid I’m missing something. SpiderOak has more than once saved me from ‘disaster’ over a locally corrupted file or accidentally deleted directory. The versioning system is able to restore a previous version without a problem.
    Add to that the safety of ‘zero-knowledge’ that SpiderOak has high in its banner and there you have the perfect system to store your data in the Cloud.
    Thank you, SpiderOak team, for providing the world with such a brilliant system.

    Paul Kater
    the Netherlands.

  11. SpiderOak is hands-down my favourite online backup solution. Privacy is something people are willing to give up all too easily these days, so SpiderOak’s unwavering commitment to having zero knowledge about my data is refreshing. In fact, it’s more than that–given all the news about government snooping these days, it’s very reassuring, too.

    SpiderOak has a lot of well-deserved geek-cred, and I definitely do recommend it to my friends and family.

  12. I would and have recommended SpiderOak to my family and friends and anyone else in need of online storage. It is easy to use and a great benefit to the digital age. I have found that Spider Oak has come to be a trusted solution when others had issues. It is available for all my devices, PC, OS X, ios, etc. The Hive is a great feature I have come to love as it will let me upload files quickly as I am leaving the office. There is no need for me to take my machine with me. I just access the hive from another device and work on the documents if needed.

    I have recently had this installed for my parents and brother’s family to try and they love it.

    SpiderOak…Keep up the great work!

  13. I am always recommending Spideroak to other professionals in my industry: translation. Most of the time we work under strict non-disclosure agreements. Even when we do not, we are subject to data protection laws. In any case, keeping our customers’ information private is a matter of basic professionalism. Add in the fact that Spideroak lets me keep real-time back-ups of my work and sync between my desktop and laptop for evening/weekend work and there is no other program that even comes close.

  14. One of the first lessons from comparing cloud storage—particularly for those just starting out and still “sampling”—is that nobody does everything. SpiderOak won me over with being smart about the Mac OS file system, and being flexible and customizable enough that I could work around any limitations of its (quite decent) default setup.

  15. I use SpiderOak because of it’s encryption features. I like the convenience of cloud storage, but none of the alternatives were as privacy conscious as SpiderOak. They ensured security when transferring items, but no security (in terms of zero knowledge) once my data was on their servers. SpiderOak provided that, and to show my support for the product I’ve even signed up for the 100GB storage plan.

    That said, I feel SpiderOak needs to improve its apps to get more users. The typical end user does not worry so much about zero knowledge – I think – and what they look for is how good looking the apps are, what support it has from 3rd party apps, etc. SpiderOak’s apps are fine, but I wouldn’t call them the most easy/ obvious to use. The colors, the design, the way to do things, all these could be improved.

    SpiderOak can also improve on its user authentication front. Everyone knows that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the case of SpiderOak the chain has strong encryption and such but weak user authentication. I think 2-factor authentication is a must for SpiderOak, otherwise once anyone manages to get my password all the other security is wasted as they have complete access to my data. Apart from that, the Android app has a bug in that it doesn’t take special characters as passwords; so if Android support is a must for you, you are even “forced” to choose a weak password!

    Still, the negatives don’t outweigh the positives for me, and that is why I am a SpiderOak user and store a lot of my personal data on it.

    – Rakhesh

  16. I just love using SpiderOak. Here are just a few examples of how invaluable it has been for me in both my business and personal life.

    1) Synchronizing file databases in multiple locations: I use MYOB for my accounting. For those who are familiar with this accounting software, MYOB stores its data in a database file. I need to access the latest versions of my database from multiple locations but I didn’t want to run a server for this. What I managed to do was to use SpiderOak to sync all versions of the database file in the multiple locations I access the database from whenever I update data or send out invoices thus ensuring that I always get access to the latest versions and updated information.

    2) Historical versions : Continuing from Point 1, there have been times when I had opened up my database file while SpiderOak was still syncing the latest version from another location. However, because I was able to pull up historical versions of the file, I was able to retrieve the last saved information and it saved me a lot of headache.

    3) Security : Like what others said, I don’t really trust other cloud sharing solutions (eg, dropbox). Sure they might be slightly easier to set up and they’re ok for non-sensitive info such as picture files or music. However, for confidential information, there isn’t any better solution akin to running your own secured server.

    4) Reduced the need for thumbdrives by 95%! : No need to copy small files from PC to PC anymore. Just drop it in the sync folder and SpiderOak does the job for you!

    Thanks again for the fantastic contest!

  17. I went for SpiderOak some time ago, and in my opinion there is no other cloud storage that makes me as safe as this one. I used to use Dropbox, and to be honest it is far from the best one – SpiderOak. To tell the truth I see no alternative to its functionality. There is nothing to compare actually. To me, its 0-knowledge policy is the most important function. Competition can only be jelous of its encryption feature, and not only of this one. Going for SpiderOak, you don’t need to be affraid of your very private and secret data. I chose it, and recommend my friend to do so.

    Kind regards,

  18. I started using SpiderOak to backup a few sensitive data that I couldn’t afford to lose. I liked the global approach to security, with both redundant storage (which many others provide) and _proper_ encryption, ie the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ policy (which is what makes the difference for me). Working in medical informatics, I regularly try to convince my co-workers, who often use Dropbox to store fairly sensitive data, to switch to SpiderOak.
    I eventually got the need to synchronize data between my office computer and my laptop, and SpiderOak let me easily do that too. Notably, I use SpiderOak to synchronize the source code of my projects. And 2 other features become then very useful: historical versions and deduplication. The former lets me access ancient versions of my files, so whenever something goes very wrong in the code, I can restore an older, working version – this even works with deleted files. Deduplication helps keep my quota usage low: I often backup the same file X times from different folders or location, with deduplication it consumes space only once, not X times.

    About SpiderOak itself, I like how the company is dedicated to promoting both security and privacy. That’s the kind of company I feel like supporting, unlike the big data-miners that made the headlines with PRISM a few days ago. There’s only one thing that’s prevented my from subscribing to their paid offers so far: I’ve got too much free space! ;)

  19. I use SpiderOak to both backup all my documents and share various documents with others: all with full privacy!

    Backing up has the super-functional ability of historical versions, meaning if I’ve incorrectly saved a file I can always restore the correct version. I love the fact that duplicate blocks of data are not stored separately, so 100’s of versions take very little extra space on the server.

    One feature that is extremely useful is the ability to store a copy of the data locally: which means that restoring files from the backup does not need to access the online data — this is the best of both worlds: security AND efficiency.

    I have no hesitations recommending SpiderOak, and always do when given the opportunity, as the product functions as expected (most of the time in the background) and the company supportive when required.

  20. In a nutshell, the Spideroak team appear to be encryption and privacy enthusiasts as well as experts in the software development side of things. The zero-knowledge approach means that, as a software developer myself, I am using a service that exists for the right reasons and not just as a profit-making exercise. It is, unfortunately, becoming more and more difficult to trust businesses with our data and to have both a robust product and excellent and transparent customer service, but Spideroak has so far provided me with all of these things.

  21. Thanks for the contest!
    1. Would you recommend our product? Why?
    – Yes, definitely. I was an active user of Dropbox. But after I came to know about Dropbox privacy concerns, I moved back all data to Spideroak except for some non sensitive data. With Spideroak I don’t have such concerns as it has client side encryption, and data remains encrypted.
    2. What has pleased you the most about SpiderOak or one of our product features?
    – Actually it is ‘Zero knowledge privacy’, I have a feeling that my data is really secure.
    3. What do you think about SpiderOak?
    – It is really a great service. I use it and keep using it. With the referral program I could gain 13 GB free space. As of now I have backed up only the data I consider to be important. In future I would upgrade for more storage.
    4. What concerns might have prevented you from buying or using SpiderOak?
    – I am waiting for some special offers, as 100 GB would be too much for me. As introduced earlier, if you offer less storage plans like 25 or 50 GB, I would buy without any hesitation.
    5. What is your favorite feature? Why?
    – 1. Sync feature.
    – 2. The concept that I can backup any number of computers under single account [unlike other paid services]

    P.S: I started using spideroak before 4 months. During my initial phase of backup, I had numerous query regarding Spideroak privacy [Architectural level]. Your customer service persons were skillful that they could answer all my technical questions very nicely. Two things I really miss from Spideroak is Live chat and phone support. Hope you will implement them in the near future.

  22. I am a big fan of SpiderOak because of it’s great usability. I have used and tested many competing services, and SpiderOak easily wins out. SpiderOak seems to keep up to date with the latest technology and responds quickly to user feedback. SpiderOak’s dedication to security and privacy along with their willingness to educate the public on these matters is unparalleled.

  23. I am a big fan of SpiderOak because of the inherent privacy, of course, but also the flexibility of the application. The full application, the phone app, and the website give me access anywhere I need it. I can securely share files as well.

  24. Privacy is the best reason to use SpiderOak. Dropbox and Google Drive are good systems and I’m sure they’re reliable. But I know that Google is indexing and looking through my files, I know Dropbox can’t keep my information private or at least they’re not very good at it. That’s why I recommend SpiderOak to everyone, especially now that the Hive makes syncing data so easy.

  25. Every time I hear sing “you are my best my last my everything”, I’m thinking on you. Forever with SpiderOak, forever with security.

  26. I’m looking for privacy lately, and I think Spideroak is an example that we can have both privacy and security.

    Thank you! I’m in love with this service and this is my choice!

  27. I love SpiderOak for their commitment to privacy, flexibility, and openness.

    Privacy: obviously because of their Zero-Knowledge system

    Flexibility: because, unlike most other cloud syncing applications, SpiderOak allows me to sync arbitrary folders on my computer without restricting me to their dedicated sync folder. I don’t have to resort to hacks like symbolic links or NTFS junction points, which also don’t work too well with other sync applications.

    Openness: because I just found out that SpiderOak Android app is open source!! https://github.com/SpiderOak/SpiderOakMobileClient I hope to some day see the desktop client on GitHub as well, but this is already more than most other companies can offer.

    Keep it up SpiderOak!

  28. I have always been interested in new and emerging technologies. Companies that break away from industry standards and develop their own product with features that put emphasis on what consumers really want have always caught my eye. SpiderOak is a prime example of this. There are a handful of cloud services available on the internet, but they are all the same. They provide storage space online for consumers with no regard to privacy and security. These cloud services will state that your files are encrypted, but they neglect to tell you that they are the ones that hold the encryption key until you dig deep into their privacy policy. SpiderOak is very transparent about their “zero-knowledge” storage solution.

    I recommend SpiderOak to all of my friends and family. SpiderOak provides an excellent cloud storage solution, and lets users keep their files private and secure. This is very important, especially when hacking and spying have become very prevalent in our society. Even if the servers that SpiderOak stores our data on are compromised in anyway, the user data is useless without the specific user password.

    SpiderOak is a great example of a backup and sync client. It has a very versatile and powerful user interface. Did I mention that SpiderOak will let you sync any directory on your computer? It doesn’t limit you to a pre-defined folder.

    I am currently a paid subscriber to SpiderOak and it is a crucial part to my everyday life. I no longer worry about losing important files due to a hard drive failure, theft, or unexpected event. It works flawlessly in the background on my computers. I will continue promoting the software to my friends and family because it is truly a great product.

    Keep up the great work guys!


  29. I asked our IT guys to deploy SpiderOak Blue in our company, I think that says it all…
    1. It feels like pursuing “Zero Knowledge” paradigm is a core value at SpiderOak’s team which is both inspiring and reassuring.
    2. Cross platform support, very reasonable pricing, very informative client and it just plain works!
    3. Lastly -the icing on the cake – ongoing effort for educating about privacy, security and backup concepts with a well written blog articles, webinars and promotions made you guys sit at the top of my RSS list.

  30. 1, 2, 5: Usage and recommendation are based on a single all-important feature: SpiderOak is cross-platform. I run it in Windows, I run it in Linux, and I run it on my Android phone.

    3: The sync feature needs to automatically traverse sub-directories. Manually adding a dozen dozen nested sub-directories to be synced is a pain.

    4: If I were insane, that might prevent me from using SpiderOak. Don’t see any other reason to not use it :)

  31. I love spideroak. It’s simple. It’s fast. It never clogged my computer with any processes gone crazy and eating memory like starving aliens.
    It works on linux! (major feature for me)
    The UI is slick, intuitive and rather responsive. In short: it works well.
    Would I recommend it? Of course, I already did. Several friends of mine are now using it because I told them, and they are all very happy with it.
    What is my favourite feature? The developers!
    You can feel how passionate they are in providing a quality product. You can feel it. :)

  32. I love it because it’s faster than light…and unbreakable (NO PRISM) privacy is no.1 of course :)

  33. Why do i recommend Spideroak? Because it works – simply put. I set it up & forget about it until it needs to save my hide. Has it saved me, definitely yes. Between over-writing a file inadvertently or a Windows 7 crash, SpiderOak has covered me. I use it because only i have the key to my data. No one can see my data and that is a comfort in days like this when we are all worried about intrusion into our privacy.

  34. Reading through the comments and testimonials from fellow SpiderOak-ers above, I really don’t have much to add it seems. I have yet to see such a dedicated community of folks who appreciate/enjoy a service so much to leave such lengthy reviews for a giveaway!

    I’ve only skimmed through most of the comments and I think the numbers and lengthy reviews themselves show how much SpiderOak is loved by its customers and I’m proud to add myself to the list as a satisfied customer of SpiderOak.

    Adding to others have mentioned about SpiderOak, especially with recent events with PRISM, I’ve become more appreciative of the security measures that SpiderOak provides for its customers. Many folks that I speak to have mentioned that their chief concern against fully embracing cloud storage solutions is, at the end of the day, security.

    I’ve referred several of my friends to SpiderOak with assurances that it’s devoted to providing the highest level of protection in privacy and security – its zero knowledge privacy project.

    SpiderOak also excels in customer support. All concerns are dealt with personal attention and in a swift manner.

    If there’s one thing that I’d love SpiderOak to improve on, however, would be a better looking set of apps ;).

    All in all, as a very satisfied customer for the past (nearly) 2 years, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to recommend SpiderOak to anyone who has any concern for privacy with cloud storage solutions (and everyone should be concerned with security).

    Huge congratulations to the SpiderOak team for the great milestones that they’ve achieved so far and would like to raise a glass for more decades to come with better services.



  35. Being a technologist, I first heard of SpiderOak via the SecurityNow! podcast with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. I was intrigued by the idea that a “cloud” backup/sync service could truly be TNO (“Trust No One”, as Mr. Gibson says). I appreciate the effort that the SpiderOak team has placed into creating a valuable service to the many home/business users that 1) allows them to put little time and effort into making sure their critical data is backed up…offsite, and 2) gives them the peace of mind in knowing that their critical data is safe from the prying eyes of anyone wanting to trample on their right to privacy.

    I applaud your efforts, and hope to see your business continue to grow in success and trust!

    Thank you!
    Kris T.

  36. SpiderOak has great functionality, but what really sets them apart is their commitment to Zero-Knowledge privacy. It not only gives me peace of mind, but allows me to enthusiastically recommend SpiderOak to my friends, family, and associates.

  37. The number of options in the client is amazing, not to mention the capability for secure sharing and cross platform support.

  38. I love SpiderOak because I know I can trust them. I may not feel the need for complete zero-knowledge privacy with every single one of my files but when I do, I know I’m dealing with a company that’s proven they’re committed to doing it right and putting my best interests first. Trust is a vanishingly rare trait among tech corporations today so to me it means a great deal.

    Thanks SpiderOak!

  39. SpiderOak, how do I love thee, let me count the ways:
    1. You do your job without being asked twice
    2. You are discreet, our secrets are never shared
    3. You bring order to my mess of many machines in a crowded house
    4. Even my boss likes you, those other girls (DB, SS, SD) never measured up
    5. You share simply, even my challenged friends find your company easy on the mind
    6. Even when you have given me so much, you add the gently buzzing hive to make it perfect

    Love and kisses