May 7, 2013

Special 5.0 Release Offer: 5GBs, 25% Off

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We are proud of our new 5.0 release and want to thank everyone who tested it and provided valuable feedback along the way. Hearing about your experience helped us make a better product. Thank you!

SpiderOak 5.0 brings a number of features and bug fixes. With our new SpiderOak Hive folder, privacy meets simplicity. It’s now super easy to sync data with drag and drop functionality between your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. We also deployed OS integration, allowing right-click access to SpiderOak functions via the file browser on Windows (Explorer) and Macs (Finder). In addition, we have built SpiderOak mobile 2.0 from the ground up. You can find our newly updated mobile app in the App Store. For Android, it will arrive in the Google Play Store May 13th.

Starting today until Sunday, May 12th at 11:59 PM CDT, we offer you the following deals:

SpiderOak 5.0 image (vertical)

New to SpiderOak? Get 5GBs FREE for life for you or your business when you signup and download 5.0. Click here to claim this offer. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Already a SpiderOakian? Receive 25% off when you upgrade to an annual plan. That is only $75 per year for 100GBs of private, secure storage. Use the code “ILoveSpiderOak” to take advantage of this offer. Here’s how:

  • Open your ‘account’ through the accounts tab in the SpiderOak client or click the ‘Buy more space’ button.
  • On the Account Details page, select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “ILoveSpiderOak” in this box and select “Update”
  • You will see the discount 5GB free option as well as the 25% discount to yearly plans.
  • Choose your promotion and continue the ‘checkout’ process.

Note: The ‘5 GB FREE’ offer is intended for new users. Selecting this promotion as a current user will replace your existing storage with 5 GBs.

Enjoy! Thank you again – above all – for your continued patronage and support.

Download the SpiderOak Mobile App for iOS by clicking the App Store button below.

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  1. Hay! This seems to be ridiculous. We free users having 2 GB are left out it seems. We promoted and recommended to friend all the way, so that people would make use of its features. But now it seems new users are going to get all the benefits. Existing users have to upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy more benefits. In this region, NOBODY is going to pay for cloud storage! You’ve to understand that. So, it is useless to invite people to get a paid plan for storing their data in the cloud. In my opinion, it is less than 0.4% even know what cloud is and what encryption is. They even don’t know how to encrypt their data on their Windows or Linux machines (I don’t know about Apple products). None of my friends have even heard about Dropbox!

    • Asoka,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for helping to spread the word about SpiderOak. As an existing 2GB user, you can upgrade your account to 5GBs if you would like by using the code “ILoveSpiderOak”. If you would like to become a paying member, this code will also allow you to upgrade for 25% off. We just warn for users over 5GBs that this code will replace their accounts with 5GBs. Please email us if you have any trouble upgrading your account.

      • Isn’t great how the BigMoaner comes back to say “thanks” for your helpful and courteous reply? Sigh. No manners v

      • By the way, are you planning (maybe this is already done, but I prefer not to check, for obvious reasons ^^) to finally fix the way you handle storage-related promo codes? (ie “Selecting this promotion as a current user will replace your existing storage with 5 GBs” is pretty terrible for someone who already has more) This surprisingly poor quota-handling is the main reason why I never upgraded my account, I’m too afraid a potentially buggy quota management would revert me to the base free quota if I don’t renew…

        • Hello,

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We do this for many reasons. However, we plan on changing the way our promo codes work in the future. If you would like us to upgrade your account with any of our deals we offer, we’d be glad to do so if you email us at Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you.

  2. Isn’t it great how BigMoaner comes back to say “thanks” for your courteous and helpful reply? Sigh. No manners.

    5gb for all users is great. Thanks.

  3. It’s great that SpiderOak 5.0 is here, and it’s nice that you are offering new users 5GB, I’m tempted to sign up again.

    However, I have around 10GB of data that I’d like to store, and whilst your offer of 25% off is generous, I cannot justify spending $75 a year to obtain 100GB, 90GB of which I will not use for the foreseeable future.

    Do you have any plans to offer smaller “chunks” of data, such as 20GB, or 50GB? I would definitely bite if you offered 20GB plans.

  4. I would sure like to see a password option on the “Hive” – I understand that it’s designed for “ease of use” – but for users, SpiderOak is mostly about privacy…and right now, anyone that sits down at my computer can access my easily-located “Hive” folder: upload, download, alter. Perhaps I should close SpiderOak application every time I leave my computer? Maybe I don’t quite have the gist of things yet…is the “Hive” pretty much SpiderOak Lite: no pesky passwords?

    And on my account page, it *seems* like the files in the “Hive” account are counted multiple times (3) for multiple computers (3)…I’m not paying triple the price for the storage/access, am I?

    I’ve been trying SpiderOak – liked it enough to purchase a year’s worth! Thanks

  5. Can you make it a bit clearer how to upgrade to the new version? Just a simple button saying – upgrade software would do. No offers – just an upgrade. (Note I don’t want to click on a link in an email sent to me.) Many thanks.

    • Andrew,

      Thank you for asking. Upgrades can be done by going to and downloading the most recent version (5.0). Unfortunately, auto-update is not yet enabled but once this feature is implemented, you will not have to worry about manually upgrading. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. Can I ask about the new Android version of SO client has any limitations about the Android OS version? I just afraid about my ancient phone still running at 2.2.1 of Android OS… if the new one needed 2.3 or higher…just ask… :3

    Also, seem the new one still not on Google Play now… it’s 19:40, May 14th 2013 in my timezone(GMT+8)… not see any of notices from your end, site, blog, forum or anything about this…… :\

  7. I need option “Launch SpiderOak at OS startup” to be repaired. SpiderOak starts every time despite this option disabled. It’s really annoying, because I synchronize folder from unmounted disc. I have to mount first and then launch spideroak.

    • I noticed this too debugging my problem (see below). But it seems when you do click on the app in the system tray, SpiderOak closes like it realized its not supposed to be open.

  8. Hello,

    I recently discovered SpiderOak when looking for syncing software that could exclude file types as I am using the software to sync personal development projects between machines in addition to other documents related to my thesis. The software overall is great! I have run into two issues with the software though. Both my desktop and laptop are running Windows 8 x86-64-bit. First, when I start my PC with SpiderOak set to start with Windows, I get an error dialog that states “The logfile C:\Program Files\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe.log’ could not be opened. [Errno 13] Permission denied: “C:\\Program Files\\SpiderOak\\SpiderOak.exe.log'”. I did change the permissions on the SpiderOak folder to give my normal User group permissions to the folder and then got the following:

    No handlers could be found for logger “exception”
    Error in sys.excepthook:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “oak\excepthook.pyc”, line 19, in _dump_excepthook
    File “Pandora\exc_util.pyc”, line 103, in dump_exception
    KeyError: ‘L’

    Original exception was:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 160, in
    File “”, line 126, in main
    File “oak\Oak.pyc”, line 583, in start_oak
    File “Pandora\Startup.pyc”, line 44, in end_user_pre_launch
    File “Pandora\Startup.pyc”, line 81, in _dont_run_multiple_instances
    File “Pandora\single_instance_lock.pyc”, line 60, in factory
    File “Pandora\single_instance_lock.pyc”, line 28, in __init__
    Pandora.Exceptions.PandoraAlreadyRunning: ‘Pandora.Platform.appname’

    I discovered that checking the OS startup option in the SpiderOak prefs also adds a startup option under the Windows 8 task manager. You need to set this option to “Disabled” or having both options will attempt to start the SpiderOak services twice, resulting in the above error. This, and the default permissions do not allow your application to write to your log file in Windows 8.

    Also, for the file icons, having Tortoise SVN installed conflicts with the SpiderOak overlay icons and caused them not to display on SpiderOak synced files. Google Drive does not have this problem. The work around is to disable the “Ignored” and “Not-Versioned” icons in Tortoise SVN in its options to not conflict with the SpiderOak icons.


  9. I don’t understand SpiderOak Hive. Why is it different to any other Sync folder? I’ve got syncs set up on Spideroak between my Laptop and PC. I just don’t get it? I put a link to my ‘Documents’ folder in the Hive folder as I don’t want to move Documents, but Hive does not seem to recognise links. I put a ‘test’ file into Hive and I can see it on my tablets interface, but cannot see where files are synced to via Hive on my Android tablet. I’ve upgraded my Android app. It does look nice, but where is the SpiderOak Hive folder on my tablet’s storage? If it’s defaulted to internal storage rather than my 32GB SD Card then I’m going to quickly run out of space, so not being able to configure the location of the Hive folder is no help.

    What I really really need to is a proper Sync solution on Android. So ‘Documents’ synced on my Laptop & PC can also be synced on my tablet. SpiderOak still doesn’t seem to do this yet?