April 30, 2013

Privacy Roundup #5 of 2013

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Time marches on and it is hard to believe the first four months of the year have now come to a close. The month of April has been a big one for SpiderOak as we have released our long awaited 5.0 client including our newest feature ‘Hive’ as well as Explorer integration for Windows and our newly redesigned 2.0 iOS application (with Android currently in Beta).

In world news it can be noted that the Crypto Coin craze is still going strong with Bitcoins (btc) hovering above $100 and companies such as Butterfly Labs and Avalon shipping more and more advanced equipment for mining cryptographic currencies (more on this and privacy and security implications of crypto currencies in a future post). The world has seen the rise and possibly fall of CISPA once more, and the debate on surveilance drones rages on.

For this Privacy Roundup we have as usual hand picked some interesting tidbits from the news, so stay vigilant and check out some of what we felt was important in the last few weeks:

Well that about sums it up. This week we sign off with a quote from Sean Parker’s character from the movie “The Social Network”: “We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet!”.

As always, we hope you have a productive and private month ahead!