April 25, 2013

Download The Newest Version of SpiderOak

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Today we are proud to release our newest version – SpiderOak 5.0.


The most significant addition is SpiderOak Hive – a simple drag and drop folder that allows you to sync files across all your devices. For more information on Hive, feel free to visit https://spideroak.com/hive/.


You can read about several other new features, enhancements and bug fixes at SpiderOak Launches 5.0 Beta.

Please reach out with any thoughts or questions. We look forward to continuing development and making SpiderOak the best it can be.

  1. I like that you went with a name that no one suggested in your ‘name-the-feature’ post. Hive? Really? That’s where we keep our sweet honey? SpiderOak’s security is like a swarm of angry bees?

    • Hi Conor – All those analogies can be drawn. :-) In truth, we really had a long, long, conversation internally about the name which included all those suggested from the blog post. Ultimately, we decided upon Hive as it will relate to other features we have coming later this year. It will all tie together. In the end, we are very excited about this release. Hope you are as well.

  2. The Windows x64 installer doesn’t seem to be willing to install over 5.0 beta. Claims I have a newer version already installed :/

  3. Just installed V5.0.1 under Windows 8 and Windows 7, moving from V4.8.4, and despite unticking the ‘Launch SpiderOak at OS startup?’ setting it still launches on OS startup. Am I missing something or is that a bug?

    • Hi Anonymous,

      This is a known issue and it will be resolved in 5.0.2. Thanks for your patience!

  4. How about a way to upload, delete, overwrite, etc in one’ss account in thru the spideroak webpage?

    • Anonymous,

      Currently the way we implement our zero knowledge privacy policy is through encryption that happens via the desktop client. We’re working on ways to enhance the web interface so that users can upload data, delete, etc without having to compromise ZK. Stay tuned as those features are coming down the pipeline.

  5. I really like the hive. This feature caused me to reconsider using spideroak because it is a feature I needed.
    I need to sync between Intel Macs and PPC Macs, and version 5 seems broken on PPC. It won’t launch at all.

    Version 4.84 worked fine. Was PPC support dropped in version 5?

  6. Is there a way to exclude subdirectories in the Hive from syncing on certain machines? For examples, I would like to use the hive to easily transfer pictures between two computers at home by placing them in a pictures subdirectory, but I don’t want my work maching to sync up with that directory.

    • @Manny – Thank you for asking. At this time, there is not a way to exclude subdirectories in Hive from syncing on certain machines.

  7. DISASTER !!
    I uninstalled 5.o, installed 5.01, and how you have icons all over my desktop with your logo on it !!!
    what is this doing !!!
    every icon on my desktop, AND in other folders of data, has the spideroak logo on lower left corner !!!
    this is NUTSS !
    how to fix this?
    I do NOT WANT some additional logo onmy icons !!!

    • I THINk icon issue is created by option of FILE AND FOLDER OVERLAY, in preferences.
      it is NOT documented, but I turned that off, and restarted the computer, and the extra logo’s on the file/folder icons disappeared.
      PLEASE DOCUMENT what this stuff does (Not noted in help file)

      is there a CHANGE log located anywhere, to read?
      otherwise, ver 5.x is doing well

      • Hi Nick,

        I’m sorry to hear that this caused some distress – I can understand why it would. Do you happen to have your entire C Drive backed up? That would explain why you were seeing the icon overlay everywhere. If you weren’t, please let us know. We’ll definitely work on the documentation as you are correct, you can disable this function in your preferences tab. Appreciate the feedback and glad to hear 5.0 is working well otherwise!

        • michelle,
          thanks for reply.
          there was a new post after mine, I would reiterate what he said.
          re: versions – we need a change log.
          re: new features – need to be in change log

          ok, now to my issue of the icon.
          two machines. uninstalled 5.0 on both, installed 5.01
          5.01 would not install on either, over top of 5.0, had to uninstall.

          REQUEST by spideroak for log files.
          NOT good idea, because file names exist in there, and in MY file names, I have account numbers as some of the file titles. Need a better way to mask names in the logs you request.

          re; ICONS
          one machine, installed, and NO new little spideroak icons showed up over top my icons (that is GOOD).
          on OTHER machine, little spider icons showed up over top all my icons (NOT good).
          after investigating, it SEMED like it MIGHT be the
          “file and folder overlay” option. I turned that OFF, and that DOES seem to keep spideroak from creating the overlays.
          If this is correct as to what that option is for, please confirm (or clarify)

          COMMENT, when you create these icons, for thousands of files, that consumes startup processor time, which is precious enough as it is on startups.

          Your prodct is very good, and is improving, and I know you have glitches on the way.
          BUT, as the other poster indicated;
          change log would be good
          ability to install newer version over older version would be good
          re-address how you can receive a more anonymous log file

          AND, tell me why
          tss_external_blocks_pandora_sqliite_database folder is sql_II_te
          rather han sql_I_te (number of “I”‘s)
          BOTH machines have this as the databae folder

          Again, product is getting better, the SHARE is very good with password protection, but please keep the simple steps above in mind as you move forward

  8. I don’t like the way your “download” page works at present. We cannot see the download versions, we cannot see the release notes. We cannot revert to a previous release. All we can do is click the “download” link and then be surprised by whatever release starts downloading.
    I suggest a more professional way and one that will better service your clients is to have a “download” page which
    a. allows download of the latest release, and which tells us what release that is, and which offers the release notes
    b. provides a link to previous versions and their release notes.
    This software is not a toy and not an experiment, not for you and not for us users. We should not have to experience surprises. We should be able to follow the release numbers and decide when we want to update (I would never update to a major release x.0 – I don’t want to be on the bleeding edge), and we should be able to downgrade if we discover some nasty problem. And you should let us do these things, and give us this information.
    That is a professional way to operate. You should be trying to eliminate bad surprises and not just encouraging people to try it and see what happens.
    Thank you

    • Definitely agree with that. Providing links to previous versions wouldn’t be much more hassle than purposefully hiding the real download URL to prevent URL manipulation… Displaying the version number on the link or at the top of the page wouldn’t be hard either.
      On a side note, I really think the whole “Release Notes: Read more about what has been included in the current and past versions” block should have the hyperlink to the release notes, not only the much smaller part “Read more about what has been included in the current and past versions”: I always try to click on “Release Notes”, and then see no hand, and then have to move right. This is unnecessarily frustrating.

      • It goes even one step version. The 5.0.x installer, when executed, automatically quits the current version (without warning!). The first message that appears is “this computer is running an old version. Are you sure you want to remove it?”.

        At this moment
        – a piece of software is about to make changes on a company critical server
        – will remove the old software before installing the new one. There is no information if configurations are maintained and how they can be backed up.
        – Whether it will make changes at spideroak’s end (the back-uped files)
        – How to revert the install if something goes wrong.

        Considering the installer can both screw up the server and its backup, this is a high-risk install. I’m staying with version 4.7 for now.

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for your great product!

    I am wondering if I’m the only one who encountered this error. SpiderOak hasn’t opened up since the update to version 5.0 (beta) and neither did it start with newer stable release. I’m on Win 7 64 bit, fully up-to-date, Comodo Firewall and Avira Antivirus (if it may help)..

    I don’t want to give up such a great piece of software at all!!

    Thanks for your time and your work on users’ privacy and handy cloud.


  10. I just installed the new version and I have a question. With the prior version I found setup a bit complex; one each device having to create a new directory, listing it under backup and then adding it to my sync list. It looks like the Hive is a simply process, just install the software and use the Hive on all my devices. So can I just move my files into the Hive and kill the folder, backup and syncs I created (I do see a new sync for Hive, so I will leave that one alone?)

  11. I’ve just downloaded 5.0.1 on my mac book air (latest OSX) and I just get a dialog saying “SpiderOak Error” with the options to ‘Open Console’ or ‘Terminate’. Any ideas?

  12. Hi all – Quick note. In this post we erroneously say it’s possible to relocate the Hive folder. This isn’t currently true; if you relocate Hive from its default location, it will no longer backup and sync correctly. We’re working to add this functionality in future versions, but for now only the shortcut can be relocated. Sorry for the confusion!

      • Hi H902 –

        I’m sorry you haven’t received an answer. If you wouldn’t mind, please email support@spideroak.com so they can help you right away.

        Thank you and I apologize for any troubles you are having.

  13. I installed the new version today. Much to my dismay, I found that, despite sync happening everyday, my last new file was updated over a year ago. That is, I have been paying good money for this, only to find out it’s all for nothing. It worked fine for the first year, but not the second year.

    Also, I don’t know about hive. I was using SpiderOak for an automatic, remote backup. Now, with Hive, I have to drag and drop the files from one part of my harddrive to another part of my harddrive?

    I just want an automatic backup that I don’t have to think about. Is that no longer possible with SpiderOak?

    • Hi Marie –

      Thank you for letting us know what has been happening for you. Would you mind emailing support@spideroak.com so they can work with you on the sync issue you are mentioning?

      Also, in regards to Hive, it is an optional way to sync documents. It’s simply an addition to our features. The automatic backup works as it always has.

  14. By the way, there is still this very annoying bug where when you work a lot on a file (by this I mean, when you modify and save it repeatedly and quickly), sometimes the synchronization will DELETE it. At least it can still be found in the deleted items, but a backup service which spontaneously and erroneously deletes files sounds a bit messy…

    • Anonymous, thank you for sharing this. We are aware of this issue and working to find a solution. In the meantime, you are right, the files can be found in the deleted items bin.