March 31, 2013

News Users: 50% Off All Annual Plans For World Backup Day – 48 Hours Only

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Thanks for participating! 50% off offer is now invalid. You will still be able to use the code below. However, your account will be replaced with 5GBs.

For the first time in SpiderOak history, we are offering a 50% off discount for new users. We don’t want you to become an April fool when it is EASY to safely, securely, and privately backup all your photos, videos, music, and documents.

Get 50% off. Less than 48 hours only. Sign up HERE & use the code worldbackupday.

Instructions for using the code through the Spideroak client or your account page:


  • Open your ‘account’ through the accounts tab in the Spideroak client or click ‘Buy more space’ button.
  • Once on the Account Details page, you will select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “WorldBackupDay” in this box and select “Update”
  • You should see the discount 5GB free option as well as the 50% discount to yearly plans.
  • Choose the option you wish to use, and continue the ‘checkout’ process and you are done!


History of World Backup Day

A redditor originally suggested the idea of World Backup Day in March 2011. The reddit community quickly rallied with him to launch the first-ever backup “holiday.” Learn more by visiting

Two years later, this day means even more to us as digital consumption increases and more hard drives fail each day. Today we want you to join us in not only acknowledging World Backup Day, but also recognizing how important it is for your personal peace of mind to make sure all of your data is backed up.

Why It Matters

Your hard drive may contain hundreds of thousands of files. We want to make sure your files are protected from hardware failures, accidents, theft, the apocalypse – anything. Be sure to take advantage of this deal today so you’re not an April fool. Share this discount with those you love so they can safely back up their data too. Do you run a business? Learn more about how your enterprise can backup its important data or sensitive client information with SpiderOak’s ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy encrypted backup.

Helpful Backup Tips

For extra precaution, here are some helpful backup tips for you to practice and share with your friends and family:

  • Compose your documents with frequent saves to your computer’s hard disk, and always consider that version to be your “original”
  • When you stop working on a project, or when you reach a point where your project needs extra protection, “back up” by saving the file(s) to removable media, usually flash drive.
  • Also store backups in a separate physical location.
  • The second time you create a backup of a document, make it on separate media from the first backup.
  • If you must do significant editing to a document, save it under a different name. Continue to use new names with each edition, being careful not to delete the old saves until you are 100% sure that you will never need them.
  • For extra protection, periodically print your documents.
  • If you have lots of software installed on your computer that would be time consuming to reinstall, consider doing a backup of the entire hard drive.
  • Test restoration. Sometimes computers and humans make mistakes, and sometimes things break.

Thanks for making this day fun, and your help spreading the word. Preempt tragedy and save your data with SpiderOak.

We’ve got your back(up).

Discount starts March 31 and ends April 1 at 11:59pm CST

  1. Is it possible for existing paying customers to extend the subscription period with this discount (in addition to optionally buying more storage) at the discounted price? In other words, does a purchase by an existing customer "stack" up for future year(s)?

  2. If you upgrade to 100Gb,after the year does the storage go back down to 2Gb or to the amount that you currently have (i.e. 2Gb + referral space).

  3. Please update the blog post with the actual start and end time for this promotion with the time zone. It's difficult to guess what "48 hours" means across several time zones.

  4. Andy, as far as I know, any referral space earned remains in you account while you're a paid subscriber as well as after you cancel. Any free space earned through special promo codes would disappear the moment you upgrade to a paid subscription. (P.S.: I'm not a SpiderOak employee.)

  5. It'd be good if you guys responded to comments on blog posts (time sensitive ones like this) while spending time on Twitter and other platforms.

  6. Thanks for the response, Jovan. I'm a current paid subscriber (signed up last year) and would've loved to extend my subscription (for the same amount of storage) at this wonderful discount. I was planning to pre-pay in advance for the next couple of years at this discounted rate hoping that stacking would work.

    It's a pity that all deals from SpiderOak are only for increasing the storage capacity and not for increasing the subscription time. I'm afraid that at the time due for my renewal in a few months, the rates will be at the highest, providing me absolutely no advantage compared to existing subscribers who wish to increase their storge capacity.

    Since this is my first year of paid service, my "sticky" factor with SpiderOak is not high. I hope you'd consider implementing stacking for future years whenever there are discounts. After all, everybody likes a great deal, and why should one segment of customers be left alone?

  7. Not seeing the $5/mth offer for 100GB on my free account when I used the code and I suspect if I select 5GB free offer that it will clobber my higher amount of storage I have managed to gain through free offers over the years.

  8. I'm a bit confused with the FAQ. I'm a current paid subscriber at the 100GB tier for the last 4 months. Now if I go to my account and upgrade again to 100GB (at the discounted rate), what exactly would happen to my account? What would be my next renewal date and what would I be paying right now (with this 50% discount)? Assume I paid $100 when I bought the original subscription.

    It seems to me like I would get a pro-rated credit for 8/12 x $100 = $66.66, and choosing 100GB now at the rate of $50 would still leave $16.66 credit in my account while extending my 100GB account till April 1, 2014 (plus extended time for the %16.66 credit). Any quick explanations would be useful.

  9. Never mind. I figured it out and was able to take advantage of this discount offer for the same storage tier with the pro-rating for my previous payment. What I'm unable to see is the date when the next renewal will actually happen (in other words, the validity date for my latest payment). I can only see a history of payments and the corresponding dates. I presume my next renewal would be April 1, 2014.

  10. @Backup Day Discount – Thank you for your feedback. In addition, we apologize for the confusion. I am glad you were able to figure it out. You would be right that your renewal date should be April 1st, 2014. However, if you would like to know for sure, please email me your username at Jovan at SpiderOak and I will personally let you know for sure.

  11. Like "Frustrated" I'm only seeing the free 5 gig offer and not the 50% discounts on the yearly plans.

  12. Well that was a bit annoying. Really was hoping for an update sooner and have now missed out on the offer. Here is hoping that another one pops up soonish. It would be nice to get a link to the world clock page too, so that people outside of (I'm assuming) America know what time it will close locally.

  13. If I select the 5GB free option, and I currently have say 10GB free, would I be downgraded to 5GB or upgraded to 15GB?? I want to confirm this first!

  14. @Free GBs – Yes, you will be replacing your account with by using this code. It will not add 5GBs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep an eye out for more deals this month.

  15. @Backup Day Discount – It is not possible to 'stack' discounts unfortunately.
    @Andy – If you upgrade to 100GBs, if you no longer want to continue paying 5$ after a year, your account will be downgraded to 2GBs plus whatever you had in referrals/contests/other promotions.
    @Blog Comment Resposes – Thank you for your suggestion. :)