March 25, 2013

Latest & Greatest: Calling all Beta Users

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Greetings SpiderOak Users!

We have been working diligently on a new SpiderOak 5.0 / SpiderOak Mobile 2.0 release which contains many exciting new features including a central sync folder (think Dropbox but with ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy), operating system integration allowing for right-click functionality (initially only on Windows), and several other enhancements to the overall application and experience. A brief overview is as follows…

The SpiderOak Sync Folder

As many of you may have already read in a previous post New Feature: What would you call it?, this ‘sync’ folder makes it easy for users to get up and running with SpiderOak in a few very simple steps. Any folders or files placed in this ‘sync’ folder will automatically get backed up and then synced to any other devices that have the SpiderOak ‘sync’ folder running. To round out the functionality, the data will be easily accessible via our new mobile applications (details below).

Operating System Integration

As part of this release we will also be deploying OS integration granting right-click access to SpiderOak functions via the file browser (Explorer on Windows and Finder on Mac). You will be able to select a folder or file for backup, share a file, or view the historical versions of a file all through the context menu.

Further – you will also notice a SpiderOak icon overlaid on all folders that are included as part of the backup set so you know immediately when a folder is safely and securely in the SpiderOak system. We will be releasing this feature initially only on Windows with Mac and Linux soon to follow.

SpiderOak Mobile 2.0

Another significant advancement is the release of our new mobile applications. We have updated the structure of the app to better take advantage of the future growth in functionality – including immediate access to all data within the SpiderOak Synd folder. This will also make it easier to navigate data across your various computers and devices as well as simply preview and share any file stored within SpiderOak. Along the way we also addressed many other issues and concerns such that the application will function with much greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our plan is to roll out the iOS version first followed closely by Android.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in helping us test these latest features as well as provide important and critical feedback, you may do so by downloading the desktop client via our Forum. Instructions can be found here:click here & log in to the forums. To test our new iOS client, please send an email to: with your UDID and we’ll get you connected.

Last but not least…

Please note that this is a pre-beta launch. We want to reiterate this as we are still working on addressing some small issues here and there; that said, we are extremely excited to hear your feedback and thoughts on SpiderOak 5.0 / SpiderOak Mobile 2.0 and where we are headed. Thank you in advance for your time, commitment, and continued patronage with SpiderOak.

  1. This looks extremely promising. Keep up the great work! (But please do make sure to squash the sync-related bugs now plaguing 4.8.4.)

  2. I'm nit sure how I feel about SpiderOak integrating itself into the OS. Such features usually mean components are installed at the OS level which is something I try to avoid. In-fact, one of the reasons that I decided to even try SpideOak on on our MacOS X system was that it is a self-contained app that doesn't require any installation and that it can be run manually if desired (ie launch app – run backup – quit app)

  3. @ Timothy: Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. OS integration will be an optional component that doesn't have to be installed to use SpiderOak so if it isn't the right feature for you then you can bypass it at installation!

  4. I was having sync-related issues using SpiderOak 4.8 on OpenSuse 12.3 (which is technically not supported… :( ) This pre-beta version seems to have fixed those though. I also noticed that navigating through folders in the view tab used to be painfully slow, and is now quite fast. In the same vein, navigating through folders online used to be very slow and is also now quite fast. Excited for this new release.