March 25, 2013

Don’t be an April Fool. Participate in World Backup Day on 3/31

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Stop for a second and think about this: if you were to wake up one morning and find that your computer would not boot up, what would you do? Unfortunately, many of you have probably experienced a similar tragedy.

Some facts:


  • A hard drive is a mechanical device, and as such is the most failure-prone component in your computer.
  • If you need to recover your data when the drive fails, you will probably have to pay hundreds of dollars to a recovery service, and there is no guarantee that your data will be fully recovered.
  • The real-world observed failure rate on hard drives is around 3%, and much worse under non-ideal conditions.
  • Accidents happen, whether it’s a coffee dumped on your laptop or a stuck delete key that sends an important folder to the trash without you noticing. Human error is one of the main culprits.
  • Laptops and cellphones are attractive targets for a thief.


Remember, it’s not only making backups that is important; It’s making sure that your backups actually work! Participate in World Backup Day (March 31) with us and start backing up your data with SpiderOak today, and we’ll make sure your data is safe so you’re not an April fool:

5 free GB for new users – your World Backup Day deal

Sign-up HERE or use the promo code “WorldBackupDay” manually through your account.

Instructions for using the code through the Spideroak client or your account page:


  • Open your ‘account’ through the accounts tab in the Spideroak client or click ‘Buy more space’ button.
  • Once on the Account Details page, you will select “Upgrade My Plan” to the right.
  • On this page, you will see a “Promotional Code” box.
  • Type “WorldBackupDay” in this box and select “Update”
  • You should see the discount 5GB free option as well as the 50% discount to yearly plans.
  • Choose the option you wish to use, and continue the ‘checkout’ process and you are done!


Note: This code will replace your current amount with 5GBs if you are an existing member.

DON’T BE AN APRIL FOOL! Join us and learn more at

  1. "This code will replace your current amount with 5GBs if you are an existing member." Does this mean if we currently have more than 5GBs, we shouldn't enter the promo code???