March 8, 2013

Affiliate Spotlight:

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This week we’ve re-launched our Affiliate Program and invite you to consider the possibilities and benefits. If you missed info on commission, merchant reputation and product service and relevancy, catch up here.

We have looked at a few of our affiliates who have been gracious enough to share their experience with the program and how it has changed their business. However, we have many more that help sell our industry-leading Zero-Knowledge product.

A few more Affiliate Members

Meet Eric from Cloud Backup Reviews

Backups are essential. With so many hard drives failing each year, the cloud continues to be one of the safest places for your data. Cloud Backup Reviews is a site to help you find the best backup solution that is right for you.

How long have you been an affiliate with SpiderOak?

RS: For about three and a half years now. My first email to the SpiderOak team was in June of 2009.

How has the SpiderOak affiliate program proved to be for you?

RS: It’s been a good program for me, but I’m really excited about the program moving to ShareASale. The network is a bit more standardized than the internal program was, and as an affiliate, I can get more information out of it. SpiderOak makes great backup software – leave the affiliate tracking to the experts at ShareASale :)

What are the benefits and challenges of being an affiliate?

RS: Well, the primary benefit is we get to make money, but affiliates are also some of the first to hear about new features, promotions, and get to try out beta software. Since affiliates like myself, who focus on the cloud backup industry, know this area so well, we’re great for giving feedback on new features.

What makes an affiliate program successful?

RS: An affiliate program is successful when both the merchant (ex: SpiderOak) and the affiliate (ex: me) treat each other honestly and fairly, as partners with a common goal. As soon as one party tries to take advantage of the other, the relationship falls apart.

What trends are you seeing with affiliate programs?

RS: Programs are moving away from up-front CPA (cost per acquisition) commissions, and more towards a percentage of the customer’s value over time. CPA models beg for fraud, as the merchant may pay out $40 on a $5 monthly subscription, so the affiliate will sign up hundreds of users (at $5, then collect $40) and cancel after a month. When affiliates send real, qualified traffic, everyone makes out better when taking into account the true value of the customer.

What are your goals this coming year?

RS: I’ve already made some changes to my Cloud Backup Reviews site, including all my reviews being driven from a central database and a new series which I hand-curate called, “This Week in Cloud Backups.” In it, I choose the most interesting topics from the industry, and publish it weekly.

What is something most people wouldn’t know about being an affiliate?

RS: I’m not at the beach, on my laptop. I’m at home, and it’s cold outside. Affiliate success doesn’t happen overnight, if at all. Anything you need to know about being a successful affiliate is available for free. Don’t keep buying those $37 infoproducts and expect to find a secret to success. The secret is: work hard, keep learning, and don’t give up.

You can be an affiliate too.

We’re excited to grow our Affiliate Program and push it to the next level. Be sure to check outOur Reseller Program and SIGN UP NOW. You can be the next great addition to the SpiderOak Affiliate Program. We look forward to working with you!

  1. I used the service for one year. When I needed to pull Tax records from the prior year I was not able to do so. Tried other data and could not download it as well. From my experience this service is not reliable and failed to deliver the additional level of backup I was looking for.
    This was a third level backup, we have a 4 TB raid 5 SAN setup behind our PC's.