March 6, 2013

Affiliate Spotlight:

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This week we’ve re-launched our Affiliate Program and invite you to consider the possibilities and benefits. If you missed info on commission, merchant reputation and product service and relevancy, catch up here.

We are going to take a look at a few of our affiliates who have been gracious enough to share their experience with the program and how it has changed their business.

Meet Lee from Online Backup Deals

Backups are essential. There are a plethora of services that do many of the same things. Online Backup Deals is a site to help you find the best backup solution that is right for you.

How long have you been an affiliate with SpiderOak?

RS: Since your in house program started and then I moved over to the ShareASale program when it became available.

How you are enjoying the affiliate program?

RS: Overall it has been good. The move to ShareASale has been nice since there are more ways for me to create links to specific pages on the SpiderOak website. The additional tracking that is available through ShareASale has been nice as well to see what content has been working well and what has not.

How has the SpiderOak affiliate program proved to be for you?

RS: The SpiderOak program has been a good program to be a part of. It is one of my best programs on ShareASale and the payout is great. There are only a few programs that pay as much as SpiderOak does for paid accounts.

What are the benefits and challenges of being an affiliate?

RS: The benefit is always knowing that you referred people to a service that is good and will help them keep their files safe and secure. Of course making some extra money every month to do that is a nice bonus. Being an affiliate is also beneficial having young kids because I have more time to spend with them and can work on affiliate work when I have time.

Perhaps the biggest challenge I have, being a content affiliate, is coming up with new ways to talk about a service and making it interesting for readers.

What makes an affiliate program successful?

RS: There are a lot of things that make an affiliate program successful but I think it usually comes down to two essential things.

  1. A good product or service.
  2. A good affiliate manager to support the affiliates.

If a company has a great service it is easier to find ways to promote the service and talk about how it solves a problem that people might be having. Even if you have a good service that is easy to promote without a good affiliate manager to support the affiliates it can be hard to want to promote a service. SpiderOak has both, a good service to promote and an affiliate manager that stays on top of problems and is easy to reach for support.

What trends are you seeing with affiliate programs?

RS: There has been a trend of moving away from affiliate programs being run in house to being hosted on a network. The SpiderOak program is an example of that move. The networks are able to help companies find stronger affiliates and helps to provide more trust between the company and the affiliate. Nothing like referring people to a company as an affiliate and then the company not paying for those referrals. Using a network allows for more transparency between the company and the affiliate.

What are your goals this coming year?

RS: Pretty much the same as other years; Continue to make a website that helps people choose the right online backup solution.

What is something most people wouldn’t know about being an affiliate?

RS: Trying to explain to people what I do. A lot of people simply do not understand how affiliate marketing works or what it is. In the end I usually just end up telling people that I make websites for a living, it is just easier that way.

We’re excited to grow our Affiliate Program and push it to the next level. Check out Our Reseller Program and SIGN UP NOW. You can be the next great addition to the SpiderOak Affiliate Program. We look forward to working with you!

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