March 4, 2013

Benefits to Becoming a SpiderOak Affiliate/Reseller

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Would you be surprised to learn that affiliates can make good money? This week, we are re-launching our Affiliate Program and invite you to explore the benefits. It might be for you…

A *recent study found that affiliates decide which programs to market based on 1) Commission, 2) Merchant Reputation, and 3) Product or Service Relevancy.


SpiderOak pays affiliates 50% of revenue for the first six months.

Payment Scenario

  1. Monthly Paid User @ 100 GBs: SpiderOak pays affiliates 50% of monthly revenue for the first six months for a total of $30 per paid user (50% of $10/month x 6 months = $30).

Payment Scenario

  1. Yearly Paid User @ 100 GBs: SpiderOak pays affiliates 50% of annual revenue paid out over a six-month period ($100 plan divided across 12 months is $8.33. 50% of $8.33 is $4.17 x 6 months = $25).

Payment Scenario

  1. Free User @ 2 GBs: SpiderOak pays affiliates $0.25 per user for every qualified lead (i.e. the SpiderOak application has been installed)

Merchant Reputation:

SpiderOak is the only ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Product in the Cloud Space. We’ll let the press do the talking for us:

Product or Service Relevancy:

From the ground up, SpiderOak was designed with privacy at the core. The company’s industry-leading ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy standard protects user data by encrypting file backup, synchronization and storage throughout every stage.

SpiderOak servers never store the plaintext version of a user’s encryption keys (or password). As a result, nobody can view any portion of a user’s content including filenames, file types, folder names, etc. Even the members of the SpiderOak staff with physical access to the servers can never view plaintext user information.


More than 1400 professional affiliates were surveyed in the *2012 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report. It found that 62.5% of affiliates promote consumer-related products, like SpiderOak. ShareASale – a marketing platform to exclusively for affiliates and merchants – is among the top three networks that affiliates participate in. There was a lot of great information in the report and and I encourage everyone to take a look.

What did surprise me was reading that more than half of the 1,400 affiliates surveyed promote less than 10 programs through their marketing channels. That is a small number – particularly when a little over 10% of this group brings in over $100,000/year.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Go ahead:

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  1. Hi,
    I have been using your service for the past 2 weeks. It is good so far. I need one clarification. You mentioned about 'Zero knowledge' about our files, and the password we use to encrypt files before uploading to your server. But if I give a wrong password to login to your service through the link, I am getting 'Incorrect username or password'. How do you validate my password if it is right or wrong without having my password anywhere? Please clarify.

  2. Edit: How do you validate my password if it is right or wrong without having my password stored anywhere on your servers? Please clarify.

  3. Bennet,

    Great question. With SpiderOak, you create your password on your own computer — not on a web form received by SpiderOak servers. Once created, a strong key derivation function is used to generate encryption keys using that password, and no trace of your original password is ever uploaded to SpiderOak with your stored data.

    We have documented our entire user authentication encryption process at:

    Hope this answers your question.