January 17, 2013

Privacy MadLibs Follow Up & Winners

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A big thank you to everyone who participated in our privacy MadLib. We not only enjoyed everyone’s submissions but also valuable comments and suggestions about how we can improve an activity like this in the future. We will definitely do so!

Find our answer key below and the top three submissions. Before we do…

Here is our key

We think individuals and companies don’t have to {compromise} their {privacy} online. Companies who can’t offer privacy are forced to sell security alone. However, we believe the cloud can be a perfectly safe place as well.

Privacy has been and will always be a priority for SpiderOak. Everything we {plan} for meets our ‘Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard’, which means no one at SpiderOak can see your {private} plaintext data.

SpiderOak is often referred to as “the secure alternative to Dropbox”. Our founders {created} SpiderOak in 2007 with the ultimate idea to create an environment where they didn’t even have to trust the people that work at SpiderOak. It was {carefully} built in to the product.

We are very proud of how SpiderOak has evolved over the past several years. Once you download our {flexible} {product}, you can use our software online to back up, share, sync, access and privately store data for only $10/month. You can {access} your data from anywhere, from any device: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora & openSUSE). We also offer SpiderOak Blue, which provides the same security and privacy you know and love to businesses. The financial, healthcare, legal, and accounting sectors with sensitive data are especially keen on the {flexibility} SpiderOak Blue provides.

Thanks for making the web a safe place with us! We predict 2013 will be ‘The {year} of {privacy}. What do you think?

The winners are…

  • First Place: Alexkorff
  • Second Place: Happybeing
  • Third Place: Mscarborough

Congrats and stay tuned for some more games and opportunities to win free GBs.