December 21, 2012

Naughty or Nice Tech Companies

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Working at SpiderOak does come with its privileges and secrets.

You can imagine our surprise when Santa and his elves shared with us this year’s Naughty or Nice list. Being one of the most secretive and elusive men of all time, it’s no wonder Santa shares our love and passion for privacy.

On December 25th, Santa will allow us to release the names of the 5 tech companies that made his nice list and the companies taking up 5 spots on his naughty list.

Think you know who they might be?

Send your guesses to For each match, receive 2 free GBs of storage. Match all 10 and receive 30 free GBs.

Submissions will be received and counted up until midnight (pst) on Christmas eve.

You better watch out!

  1. Brilliant, I already have 3 ideas for the naughty ones (including one very, very naughty), and of course 1 nice. Will try to find some more before sending though :) Can we provide lists longer than 5?

  2. Nice contest idea. It was both fun and thought-provoking to think back over the year and pick candidates for the naughty and nice list.

  3. Glad you all are enjoying the contest. Please include your username as it will make adding GBs to your account much easier. Otherwise, in my reply I will ask for your username if it wasn't sent with the submission. Have fun!