December 20, 2012

Mayan Prediction 12-21-12: Just the end of their calendar? End of the world? Or merely a blizzard?

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Before I even put my head on the pillow, the screaming wind was banging without pause against my windows. It probably wasn’t a valid fear, but throughout the night I’d wake up wondering if it was going to break the glass and throw a wave of snow and paralyzing cold onto my bed, all over my room. It was an ear-plugs-in kind of night.

I currently live in the literal country in Kansas. Hay bales and cows are scattered about within eye-sight and beyond. I get to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets each week. Four happy farm dogs greet me as I come and go. The nearest store is 20 minutes away. I can see two houses in the distance. It is so peaceful here.

As I floated in and out of sleep all night, I’d be sure to look out and catch glances of the eerie-gray scene unfolding outside. It struck me as funny that tomorrow is the end of the Mayan calendar and one of many speculations is an apocalypse (and where to get a better picture of this than on Wikipedia). You can’t blame me for where my mind went with the brutal weather rip-roaring before my very eyes, accosting my ears.

I woke up this morning to a lighter sky, letting me finally see the blizzard in action. The wind and snow tore forcefully across the plains (the photo doesn’t do it justice). It is the kind of power and grace that makes you pause…

All over the area and into Missouri and Iowa, traffic is at a standstill for hours, schools are cancelled, and people can’t go into work. The news is eating the chaos up, describing the “painful” wind in their fluffy parkas, and following with excitement the night-work of the snow plows and salt-layers.

No matter what you think or believe may happen tomorrow, I believe it is never a bad thing to be reminded that all we ever truly have is today. So this all reminds me: enjoy this day. Each person, each moment. Do things you love with people you care about, while you can.

But for those doom-and-gloomers out there who will be spending their ‘last day’ kissing and hugging loved ones goodbye, partying like it is 1999, or spending the last drops of money in their bank accounts, tomorrow, we at SpiderOak will be developing new features, running our servers, maintaining our beloved Zero-Knowledge privacy, and arguing with each other about who’s working on New Years (or something like that).

For those of you who don’t buy any of it and will carry about as normal, here are two awesome things you can do with your time:

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  2. Make sure all your documents, files, photos, videos, and data are safely backed up. If you’re new, sign up here and check out the pricing. (There is nothing like going into the New Year with peace of mind. Be sure to share with your friends and family so they can do the same!)

As for me, I’ll spend the day working, listening to the wind howling and banging on every window, and wondering when I’ll be able to get out (I have a holiday party to attend tonight after all!)…

Wishing you a truly rich, wonderful day,

Erin & the SpiderOak Team