November 23, 2012

SpiderOak Black Friday Deal

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EXPIRED: This offer is now closed.

Some consumers dream of Black Friday all year long, enjoying the predawn moment when they can run the door-buster gauntlet. Here at SpiderOak – being the sort of people that like to dive into the spirit of any holiday, we thought we’d share our enthusiasm by offering you a great deal this weekend.

No standing in line!

For the next 3 days, you will be able to upgrade your account and get a wonderful 35% discount off all yearly plans.

Use this promotion code to upgrade your free account: BlackFriday

(If you aren’t yet a SpiderOak user, but want to take advantage of this deal: Sign up here, download and install the software, go to your account and click ‘Buy More Space’ and use the promo code above.)

Our deal will start at midnight on Thanksgiving, November 22nd through midnight Monday, November 26th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. What a deal! And just so I understand, if I have 10 GB of free storage (I'm not a paying customer currently) at SO now, and I buy the 100 GB plan, is that 100 GB added to my 10 GB? With the result being I have a 110 GB account?

  2. Hi Rob!

    That is correct. The storage you have earned (10GB) should not be affected by taking advantage of this deal. Please let us know if it does and we will make sure you have 110GB.

  3. Well, I just bought a 100GB yearly plan with that BlackFriday code and it looks like I was charged the full $100/yr rate. If my math is correct, it should have been a $65/yr rate, correct? Should I give you a call or will this fix itself when the charge hits the credit card?

  4. I want to be sure I am understanding the offer correctly. Is it 35% off the first year of an annual subscription. Or is it 35% off an annual subscription for life? So for a 100GB subscription I would pay $65 per year for life.

    Also, as a paying user, can you still earn more free GB's for referrals or is that just for free users?

  5. Hello,

    This is for all users. You will need to go to you account and select to upgrade your plan. Once you do that, there is a place to put the code, 'BlackFriday'. This will automatically generate a year plan – 100GBs for $65.

    @Stephen – you can continue to earn additional storage for referrals as a paying member.

    @Dave – Please email us so we can see what is going on.

  6. I used the promo code (as a paying memeber) and lost my bonus storage space. Think twice before you use this offer!

  7. Hard to be a student. Always end of money when you would need it.

    That 100GB yearly encrypted sounds very very good. But too bad can't get it.

  8. Worked like a charm for my 200 GB plan and saved me nearly 100 Bucks over one year! And my bonus storage space was untouched, no problem there. But in my experience even if it should be lost this is quickly and easily solved by sending an email to Spideroak support.

  9. Unfortunately, except for the automated "we've received your support request" email, nothing's happened with my being charged the full $100/yr rate: credit card still shows the charge, there's no $35 credit, and no contact. Now it's the weekend. I hope they're working today and will contact me soon.

  10. @Dave don't worry, they will get to you. I had to open a ticket last night as well, to recover my bonus space that was lost in the 100 GB upgrade. But I'm not worried. SO is good about responding to support requests.

  11. Just used the promo code and lost the bonus space as well. Will it come back by itself or should I send an email requesting it?

  12. Promo code not working here either. Tried both IE and FireFox. The price in the drop down box does not change. I tried a promo code I know of for 25% off. When I enter that a whole bunch of new plans appear in the drop down with the discounted price and the promo code next to it.

    When I enter the BlackFriday code, nothing happens. I tried it case sensitive, all lowercase and all uppercase. No luck with any of them. I thought it was supposed to be good until midnight Monday, November 26th.

  13. @Moran & Kevin: I'd send an email to them just to formally document it with a case number. That way, I assume they'll honor the offer even if the problem keeps happening at your end. I guess it's a (relatively) good thing that you caught it at the front end instead of after the whole thing was done (as happened with me).

    In my case, I still haven't heard back from them about my being charged the full $100 price. I assume it's because it's the weekend.

  14. Promo code ~works~ but… I'm due to renew in January and it restarts my annual at $88/yr in November and allows me to renew at $100 next November. Something's still amiss. I'd like to take advantage of the offer, but not at a loss.

  15. For some reason I read this deal and thought it was valid till end of Monday, November 26, 2012. Now I see that there's no discount for this coupon code (and no error message either). :( Did I miss this deal??? I'm a free subscriber and wanted to upgrade to a paid account.


  16. Usually online related deals are alive through Cyber Monday. It would've been good to have the deal alive till end of day Monday, November 26, 2012.

  17. For those of you that were having problems, please try again. The code will expire tomorrow. Thank you for your interest and let us know if you need anything else.

  18. Is it possible to do this transaction twice (separately) to stack it up for the next two years (have a 100GB plan per year paid up for two years)? Or would it make the account a 200GB per year plan for one year if I try it again?

  19. Promo code is working now.

    Just so people know, it looks like you keep your referral space, but loose the initial free space. For example, I had an initial 5 GB free from a special and 8 GB from referrals for a total of 13 GB free. After buying the 100 GB, I've now got 108 GB.

    No big deal to me, I doubt I'll use half the 100 GB. The main reason I'm upgrading is so I don't have to delete historical version and garbage collect all the time to stay under 13 GB.