November 13, 2012

What people are saying about SpiderOak (Pt. 3)

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Over the past few days, we’ve been highlighting what our users are saying about us. In case you missed it, you can view our posts from Friday and yesterday.

We appreciate SpiderOak users, and one of our favorite things is getting to know you. Our loyal customers and fellow privacy fanatics have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company.

Cody, the pharmacy student:

Konrad, the computer geek:

“I came across SpiderOak a few days ago and gave it a bit of testing. I absolutely love the pricing plans, especially with the student discount. As a fellow computer geek, I also really appreciate all the security features. You are doing an awesome job as far as doing things properly is concerned.”

Alexej, the savvy solution-seeker:

“Back before I discovered SpiderOak, I was feeling the need to set up some kind of backup and sync between my work and home computer. I never, ever would store any data that is personal on someone else’s server unencrypted though. What was I to do?! I searched and tried and eventually came up with an encfs-Volume in a Dropbox folder. Believe me, it was a day’s work for me to figure out how to get this running on OS X including installing the Linux files, making a bash-script that would mount the volume automatically so it would always be ready to use, etc. But finally, this allowed me to store and sync files remotely while ensuring they were encrypted on my side on the fly. That was the first – at least functional – solution I used; I had tried a few other ways before but they all fell short in terms of usability. Then, I found SpiderOak – and you guys! You can imagine how moved I was to see that somebody was doing just what I had looked for for all the right reasons and in just the right way! Great company, great people, good reads on the website, and all in all such a feeling of relief, both safe and secure.

The best test was a recent hiccup while backing up: transfers just froze at some point and nothing seemed to be working anymore. But thanks to the way SpiderOak is coded and stored, nothing got lost, the re-installation of my primary device’s backups and syncs were a breeze, and Laura (Customer Relations) was a pleasure to talk to and get assisted by.”

Don’t be shy – what about you? What has been your SpiderOak experience? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I found Spideroak looking for a backup solution but it has become so much more.
    The main issue was wife + more than one computer.
    She was forever creating multiple versions or even loosing her work.
    Now all "documents" and desk tops are in sync and the historical versions still
    allow me look cool when she messes up!
    Share rooms is a great collaboration pathway and web access means files available
    almost anywhere – awesome.
    Of course I have not even mentioned the deepest strength – zero knowledge encryption.

  2. I have to admit, I switch from dropbox just to try it out because it offered the same amount of free space to begin with and it was cross-platform. I started using it and loved how it worked and the freedom you have right away. You don't need to limit backup/sync to a single folder. Then I started reading the blog and website and about how awesome the zero knowledge policy was and the depth of thought that went into developing the product built around security. It's an amazing service and you guys are doing a great job. Totally in my top 5 favorite companies. I'd actually rank you, but I'd need more time to make the list, but there's no way you're below #5. I know that much off hand.

  3. I'm a DropBox refugee. I read the ToS carefully, which turned out to be "misrepresented" grossly and then changed for the worst. Consider the contrast of controlling your encryption keys (SpiderOak) vs. them being given out via subpoena (DropBox).

    I am hopeful that they will add more security features. A key file (at least to open the program), VeriSign token, or two-step verification would be sweet. In the mean time, 256 AES encryption with zero knowledge is a great start.

    Advanced Users: You should look into command line options…