November 9, 2012

What people are saying about SpiderOak (Pt. 1)

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One of our favorite things is getting to know SpiderOak users. Our loyal customers and fellow privacy fanatics have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company.

We’re grateful. Allow me to introduce you to a few users who were willing to share their SpiderOak story:

Kevin, the professional musician:

Brook, relieved to have photos and videos safely backed up:

“I just wanted to drop a quick note that I recently started using SpiderOak for my backup and syncing needs, and it works great. I can vouch for it working well on Windows, Linux and the Android app. I love all the flexibility you have with [the client] and really appreciate the ‘zero-knowledge’ data encryption. Over the weekend [my family] organized and backed up about 10GB of photos and videos. It’s a huge relief to have that taken care of. [I really appreciate] SpiderOak’s sync feature for keeping my main documents synced between my desktop and laptop. I’ve contacted support a few times for general questions and always received quick, personal and useful responses. So far, I’m very pleased.”

T3charmy, left Dropbox for SpiderOak:

“I left dropbox for you guys. I had a promo for 5GB free, and so far, you guys are WAY better than Dropbox. My experience… has far exceeded what Dropbox could do. The one thing that I would like to see is the ability to upload files from the Android app. Other than that, you have far exceeded my expectations. 6/5 stars.”

We’ll share more testimonials next week, as well as promote a limited special deal for 25GB we’ve never before offered. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, what about you? What has been your SpiderOak experience? Leave a comment below.

  1. One of the first applications I install on a new system is SpiderOak. It allows me to backup and sync my data. It has saved my arse on a number of occasions with the version history. I recommend it to all my clients as a backup solution for their important files. Given the trend of privacy and hacking issues occurring lately by not only hackers, but the US government, I feel safe in knowing that my files are safely protected in fully encrypted glory at SpiderOak. Regardless of whatever happens, I know that even the NSA would be hard pressed to get into my information! Thanks so much for providing such a great and inexpensive service!

  2. I recommend SpiderOak to anyone who will listen.

    I've got all my essential data backed up there, so when I need to make changes to my hardware [like my recent installation of Windows 8] I can wipe and reformat drives with impunity; all I have to do is install the SpiderOak client on the new machine and my files get downloaded to the new system.

    The convenience of a system like that combined with zero-knowledge privacy is incalculably valuable. Plus, the SpiderOak team takes good care of their customers, offering promos for extra free space on a fairly regular basis. My favorite so far was the SysAdmin Day celebration – that was a fun little game!

    Keep up the good work [and keep developing those mobile apps!]

  3. I have loved SpiderOak ever since I discovered it. I value my privacy, not because I have something to hide but because my digital life is not something that belongs on all the streets of the Internet.
    My first cloud-experience was with Dropbox, but very soon I learnt that my info was flung over servers without encryption. SpiderOak handles that in a much nicer manner. Zero Knowledge works fine, my computers are always up to date, and in case of a problem it's simply setting up SpiderOak on a new machine and a little later it's good to go.

    I have 'converted' at least three friends and acquaintances already to move to SpiderOak, and I'll be looking for more.

  4. Thanks @Paul @Azi @theshown @JeremyFarnes: Awesome. Really appreciate you taking the time to write in, and for helping spread the word about us!

  5. I too left dropbox and Box for SpiderOak.. I am having 26GB free in Dropbox and 50GB free in Box for my account. I love SpiderOak and its zero Knowledge Privacy…

  6. I left Dropbox and Skydrive for Spideroak as well. Privacy and security are essential freedoms, and in researching all options, Spideroak was the only one that seemed to have all of the bases covered when it comes to cloud storage services. I've been happy with the price, performance, and stability I have experienced. The extras storage freebees every so often keep me coming back to the blog, and I enjoy the updates and information that are waiting when I do. In short, I would recommend Spideroak to anyone with a concern about privacy and security. It combines the best features of cloud and local storage, while removing the negatives. Thanks so much!