November 6, 2012

SpiderOak 4.8 Client Beta Release

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It’s that time again! Today we are releasing the 4.8 Beta of the SpiderOak desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Whether you’re new to SpiderOak or a current user, you can find downloads for all supported operating systems and distributions here: Beta version 4.8. The download will start automatically for your OS/distribution and install it as you would any software to upgrade your SpiderOak client.

In this version we have focused on bug-fixes and improvements instead of new features. You can find a list of those below.

If you’re looking for new functionality and features, we look forward to wow-ing you with our next release, which will be ready right around the new year.

SpiderOak 4.8 fixes and improvements:

– Fixed bug causing sync to not work correctly under Windows XP in certain situations

-Re-built the Windows installation file as MSI for greater flexibility and installation user management

– Fixed bug causing recycle bin downloads to fail

– Fixed bug causing custom download locations for file-restores not to work correctly

– Fixed bug causing un-installation to require reboot under Windows

So go ahead! Download the beta, try it out, and tell us how we did at:

  1. Woo hoo! Looking forward to updates, particularly a more simplified UI in the client. Would also be nice to see more features added to the SpiderOak web interface. Thanks!

  2. I would like to report that at least on Linux sync is unreliable (using latest stable SO). It seems to fail when the paths concerned are hidden (say, ~/.local/share/orage/orage.ics). This makes me need to use Dropbox for such syncs.

    Another issue is that randomly backup uploads take just about forever: SO hangs on 'finalizing' upload.

    Not sure though that this is the proper venue for such reports.

  3. Would love to see a simplified "dropbox functionality only" client as well as a "crashplan-esque" that works against the same account.