October 18, 2012

+1 For Privacy

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It is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. And while security is crucial, it leaves out something critically important. Privacy.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose. Companies who can’t offer privacy are forced to sell security alone. For us, it is the combination that leads to the only true freedom online. Our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Standard trumps words like ‘trust’ and ‘security’ as plaintext data is never visible to anyone but you.

Join us in both acknowledging Cyber Security Month but also recognizing a huge ‘+1 for Privacy’ with this special promotion:

For only 48 hours, we’re offering 5 free GB for new users and 3 additional GBs for our already loyal support base.

Visit this link: SpiderOak.com/signup/, and use the promo code “plus1forprivacy” in your account settings.

Note: This code will replace your current amount with 5GBs. If you are an existing paying member, please email Plus1forprivacy@spideroak.com with your username and we will add 3GBs to your account.

Thanks for making the web a safe place with us, and your help spreading the word.

+1 for privacy,

The SpiderOak team

  1. Hi, so the 3gbs are just for existing PAYING members, not also for the freemium ones, right?
    Not complaining, just asking. I recommended your services to all people I could till now, sure YOU ARE THE BEST ON EART

  2. Oh, I didn't catch that little "paying" snippet in the Note. I *hope* free members can still get extra gigs. SpiderOak usually doesn't hang us out to dry though – SpiderOak U and the SysAdmin day are pretty good examples. They usually take care of their free members :-P
    Here's hoping that's still the case!

  3. Randomuser03 I was talking about EXISTING free members, or freemium if you like it more, not about the new ones.BTW, I think SpiderOak should not make distinction between fremium users, new or existing ones. If by "loyal support base" they mean just PAYING customers then probably also the new ones are intended as new paying members, hence neither existing nor new freemium LOYAL members are offered the free 3 or 5 GBs.
    Anyway, to me loyal customers are not only paying members, considering the amount of "spreading the good voice" I have done whenever possible on internet and by talking I feel I deserve to be considered LOYAL as well..maybe not as much, but you never know to which extent an advise could become marketing and more new PAYING memnbers, I might not be aware of them while certainly Spideroak would still benefit from it.
    So I am a Loyal freemium Fanboy of Spideroak, just not currently in need of their premium services.

  4. Darn, I have more than 5gb of free space. So this means that if I use the promo code I'd be dropped down to 5gb? Sad day for me, not going to risk the promo code then. I still love the service and have recommended it to others whenever possible though. Keep up the great work!

  5. It's probably a silly question, but what do existing users need to do for the 3gb? Should we be entering the code somewhere or is it applied automatically to all existing users?

  6. Ignore me, it was a stupid question. I could have sworn that existing user note wasn't there a minute ago

  7. Be careful – it replaces your current plan with the 5 GB one.

    I was in a free 6 GB plan, and was "downgraded" to 5GB one…
    (I don't recall how I got the 6 Gigs plan, i just know i had it cause i checked the "subscription history" – plan 32168)

    Anyway, you guys rock! I am trying to convince our IT guys to try the SpiderOak Blue.

  8. I've found the promo, it was the 4th of july :) back to 6 gigs now..

    and on another topic – I really wish you had auto upload of photos from mobile devices (like dropbox), so i could get rid of dropbox from my phone..

  9. Thanks for the info Diablo.
    Too bad the promo ins't a bit more automated… like newquota=max(former quota(+3GB if paying member), 5GB) :s

  10. Hello everyone!

    I appreciate your comments and want to answer any questions you have. First, I'll start off by stating that this code WILL replace your current storage amount if you are an existing user. If you are an existing member, please email your username to the email address above and I will manually take care of it as soon as possible.

    This promo does end tomorrow so please make sure you tell your family and friends about this exciting offer. Not to mention, if you refer someone, you also get 1 extra GB (which is automatic) through our refer-a-friend program.

    Thanks for your support!

  11. I think SpiderOak can try to seperate promo codes from activity codes. Promo codes for plans, which will remove existing space record, and users can change promo codes any time. Activity codes for activities, which will add extra GBs but works only once for each user.

  12. @atp: I rather think they should simply avoid negative promo codes. You fill the wrong form and oops, your account loses 10GB. Seriously… That gives a messy feeling, which is kind of creepy when dealing with valuable data backups.

  13. Sorry but this type of promo code is a mistake & I never retweeted the SpiderOak tweet regarding it. If friends or family who I had recommended SpiderOak to but were using a free account did not read carefully their account could be worse off than before the promo. Neither I nor SpiderOak need any pissed off people.

  14. +1 @snowbound999, exactly my point

    @JG: server time is what matters. You might want to use a service such as feedmyinbox.com in order to avoid missing such posts in the future (although note that it will usually be updated with a big delay, so it's good for promos lasting 48h but you may miss promos <24h if you don't check your e-mails very often)