August 28, 2012

Sharing 101: Family, Friends, Colleagues, or Clients

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Welcome to SpiderOak University. If you’re a student, new user, or a lover of continuous learning, this month we’re talking to you.

We’ll be posting a couple video shorts each week where SpiderOak CEO Ethan Oberman uses a whiteboard to explain some of our basic product functionalities. School yourself and keep an eye out for our next POP QUIZ so you can receive extra GBs.

SpiderOak sharing function is engineered to create flexibility and convenience for you, in a private environment.

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  1. Hello,

    I apologize for the delay! You should notice the change today! Thanks for checking in.

  2. In the video you mention being able to secure the share room with a password that you send to the person you are sharing with separately from the URL. I don't see an option for creating such a password, unless you mean the "room key" which is part of the URL, not a separate password. Is there something that I'm missing? Having the separate password for the share room like you mentioned would be a really great feature.

    Also, I don't see how you can maintain a "Zero Knowledge" pledge for files that have been shared. Wouldn't the files would have to reside unencrypted on the SpiderOak servers? If this is the case, it seems like a major drawback that you should be transparent about disclosing. Perhaps shared files could be stored on the server encrypted if the aforementioned "separate password" feature actually existed.

  3. I worry about the security of the Shared Rooms too. Specifically, there is no way for the person to log out. I would like them to have to enter a password each time (like when they have to go to the login page). When the room can be accessed via the webpage with room key on it, it doesn't seem secure. Worse, if someone accesses the room on a public computer, and does not clear the cache (deleting it from history doesn't help in Safari), anyone can view the page.