August 17, 2012

SpiderOak University Pop Quiz

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No two words can fill students with more dread than “pop quiz.” However, evidence suggests that quizzes can help students learn. We at SpiderOak are always learning from our customers. In fact, we pretty much expect a pop quiz every day.

Since last week, we have been posting videos about SpiderOak and our product. I hope you’ve been paying attention because we have some specific questions for you!

How to participate

It is simple. All you have to do is answer the questions below. If you get all questions correct, we will give you 2 GBs of extra space. For those of you who may miss a few, we will give you 1 GB for trying.

Just like any other quiz, there is a time limit so please submit your quiz within 24 hours. After which time, no storage will be awarded. But don’t worry – We will have more quizzes while SpiderOak University is in session.

Good Luck! Remember – you can enjoy 50% off your private backup/sync/share account by signing up with your school address.

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  1. How long should it take before we see our results of the quiz? I submitted my answers over an hour ago and received the message that a "professor" would review my answers. So far, I have not received anything of the results. I have also restarted the SpiderOak client to see if it has updated, but nothing so far.

    Thanks for the quizzes and being active with your customers.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for patiently waiting! We will be grading these after the quiz closes in less than 24 hours. At which time, we will go over them and start upgrading accounts.

    The answers will be posted tomorrow in a separate blog post so participants will have a better idea of what their award will be. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for participating.

  3. The last question is a bit ambiguous as it almost implies the use of SpiderOak but doesn't explicitly state it.

    Since it isn't explicitly stated then I'm assuming that the question is being asked about a person that is not using SpiderOak.

    Thanks for your service.

  4. Thanks for the quiz but the security seems too tight — we have two accounts (mine and my wife's) at home and it won't let us fill out the quiz a second time. I'm assuming it's an IP check, which seems like overkill. Shouldn't the quiz simply refuse multiple attempts from the same user account?

  5. Last question is too ambiguous.
    It is true if you backup your files by SpiderOak and never purge previous versions, otherwise, false.

  6. Hi everyone,

    The quiz went live at 10:51AMET on August 17 and closed at 11AMET on August 18. Thanks for everyone who participated. If you missed this quiz, be sure to stay tuned for more while SpiderOak University is in session!

  7. Hi,
    Any ETA on when the quiz will be graded? (no hurry though, it's just that I'd like to know when I should start worrying if I see no upgrade coming ^^)