August 3, 2012

SysAdmin Day Follow Up

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Hello terminal hackers!

We had a really great turnout for the promo last week. Over 600 of you successfully plumbed the depths of SOTSS and claimed 5 extra bonus gigs. Some of you found the bonus gigs program but got the DEVICE BUSY error. That was a bit of rate limiting we put in to prevent abuse. If you never got bonusgigs to work, please mail and we’ll hook you up.

For the rest of you who found SOTSS a little daunting, don’t worry. We’re sorry that you felt left out, and we have plenty of prizes left in our promo bag!

Here’s the solution for those of you who who were wondering:

There are two ways you can get started off. The more obvious way is that you can load help and then run help to view the help. From there you can manually load the various programs listed, including the backup program. The less obvious way is to load autoboot.bak, which will load all the items in the help automatically.

Then you can run backup to dump all the programs to the terminal. Inspection of this dump reveals a bonusgigs program. Load this program and run bonusgigs username, where username is your SpiderOak username. That’s it.

Thanks for playing!

  1. I liked the puzzle and thank you for the bonus gigs. Perhaps it was too early in the morning when I played but I completely over-thought it and was desperately skimming PDF manuals from old TSOSs that were released in 1985-1987. Then after hundred of failed commands it dawned on me that I'm probably overthinking this and I reloaded the page and saw the LOAD autoboot line, and said "oh maybe they made a backup." :)

  2. I also liked the puzzle. It was challenging, but straightforward. I hope you'll do another creative puzzle like that again in the future, whether it gives bonus gigs or not.

  3. Yes, your creativity in the promo made it interesting and just challenging enough to be fun. Looking forward to using your great service and, hopefully, more entertaining promo challenges!