July 6, 2012

Spotlight on Sharing

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Today, we would like to turn your attention to sharing. Below is a brief introduction on sharing and how it works from our co-founder and CEO, Ethan Oberman.

As Ethan describes, you can carefully and selectively allow portions of your SpiderOak Network to be shared (or become public) to family, friends, colleagues, or clients. You can create any number of password protected ShareRooms and share data aggregated over several machines (a folder from your Mac and another from your Windows machine). Furthermore, the data within a ShareRoom is automatically updated when changes occur eliminating the need to ever resend content. A ShareRoom may be accessed as a unique web URL or by entering a user’s ShareID and RoomKey on the SpiderOak homepage – easily allowing people you invite to view your documents, pictures, movies, and so on. In addition, each ShareRoom has a unique RSS feed to alert guests when new content is available.

This last video demonstrates just how easy it is to create a ShareRoom. Happy sharing!

  1. It would be really good for users to be able to collaborate with shared documents, maybe if both are spideroak users or something.

  2. @ Chris Wilson: Thank you for your note and your feedback. We are indeed working on our collaboration tool that will allow two or more SpiderOak users to work in a read / write setting. And of course the collaboration tool will still adhere to our 'zero-knowledge' privacy standards which we feel is critical. Please keep an eye on the blog and our website for future updates.

  3. What about sharing without having your full name on display?

    I'd like to be able to share a hobby code project on a bulletin board that's likely to get indexed by search engines. I want prospective employers who might google me to find my professional work, not a distracting list of my SpiderOak share rooms full of non-work stuff. Any ideas?

  4. @ Justin C: Thank you for your message and I do apologize greatly for the delayed response. As it pertains to your question, SpiderOak specifically tells Google not to index ShareRooms via the robots.txt method. This is the reason why ShareRooms will not display when searched. Please let me know if that makes sense and/or you have further questions anytime.