June 27, 2012

SpiderOak June 2012 Newsletter

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Judging by the popularity of criminal investigation and justice TV shows, it’s safe to say our society loves courtroom drama. In real life, although rare, we do receive a request from a law enforcement agency asking us to supply them details about a users. We publish the number of times this happens along with more information in our transparency report. Most of the time, the request isn’t even accompanied by a subpoena. The truth is, some companies immediately give the agents whatever they are requesting without making them go through due process. At SpiderOak however, when we get a request like this, we always tell them we only give user data in response to a subpoena from a court with proper jurisdiction. We also inform them of our Zero-Knowledge Privacy Policy which means our users’ data is encrypted such that we can’t decrypt it. Furthermore, unless they have the user’s encryption keys, they won’t be able to either. To date, this has always concluded the inquiry. In the event we need to comply with a subpoena we would notify the user prior to disclosure unless prohibited from doing so by statute or court order. To make this step more official we recently added this clause to our privacy policy. While the inside of a courtroom looks exciting on a late-night episode of Law & Order, we have yet to make any appearances.



The digital rights defender, Electronic Frontier Foundation, recently conducted a survey on what happens when the government demands companies hand over users’ private information. Evaluating 18 major Internet companies – including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Yahoo – we were thrilled to be included in the examination. SpiderOak ranked higher than most of the giants we shared the chart with. Interestingly, we were unable to receive a star for ‘Fight for user privacy in courts’ as we’ve never been in this particular situation. 2.5 out of 4 ain’t bad! Click here to see the results of When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back?



Trading his desk on Wall Street for a seat at the table in Silicon Valley, John hasn’t looked back since. SpiderOak welcomed John to the team just a few months ago and tasked him with delivering solutions to our large Enterprise clients and generally promoting the Zero-Knowledge mantra. "I enjoy the excitement and challenge of being part of a team that has designed and championed industry-leading technology; and the satisfaction that comes from helping our clients deploy that technology to protect their critical business data," John said. He is no doubt a great addition to the SpiderOak family.

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  1. I cannot read the text on your newsletter — I believe your designer may suffer from the small-unreadable-type-is-elegant disease.