May 22, 2012

GIMP – Quick Colour Correction

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Some photos just need a little helping hand to ‘pop’ and really shine. Usually it’s to do with brightness and/or colouration. Here’s a quick and simple way to give your colours a boost.

Here’s my starting photo. It’s a bit ‘flat’:

To give this a quick fix, go to the GIMP menu and choose Colors > Curves. You’ll see this window:

What you want to do is make two points on the line and drag the right one up and the left one down:

This will give us an S-curve:

Which boosts the colours somewhat giving us:

And a final tweak would be to go to the menu and click Colors > Levels, and move the white triangle on the right in to the left. This will brighten the whites up giving us:

  1. Dear SpiderOak staff
    Is there any justification for this kind of posts—i.e., on GIMP and other miscellanea—from a *file sync* firm? I've subscribed to the feed to keep up-to-date with SpiderOak developments and releases, but much of the posts I receive feel disturbingly like marketing spam.

  2. Hy all!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We thought we'd invite guests bloggers to fill in the gaps with interesting and fun posts. But don't you worry – we have exciting SpiderOak announcements and news planned as well. :-)