February 4, 2012

How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak? – Part 3

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Jovan Washington, Web Communications Coordinator

Hi everyone!

I want to formally introduce myself and let you know how I use SpiderOak. First, let me explain a little about what I do here. My official title is Web Communications Coordinator. I work closely with our small marketing crew. Those of you active on Facebook, Twitter, Forums, etc. have likely been talking to me in the last several months or so. I would LOVE to hear suggestions you may have regarding SpiderOak’s social presence, particularly concerning sites/platforms SpiderOak does not currently participate in. Let’s talk! What can we do differently?

Working with the marketing crew has been fun and challenging. I’ve been a SpiderOak user since early 2008, and would only use it to back up my documents. Now that I work for the company, I find myself using it in ways I did not imagine. For starters, I now back up all my media. Pictures from SpiderOak gatherings, videos for marketing material, music, documents/passwords, invoices… You name it and it is probably on our servers. I also use several different devices, so keeping all my data in sync with other devices is extremely important. Let’s say Daniel (our other marketing guru) needs marketing material that I created on my desktop at home. I am not at my desktop at home however I am at a coffee shop 5 miles away! No worries, I can access it and send it to him from my laptop. I even use SpiderOak to test new versions of the software we release so we can have a better product for you!

That is how I use SpiderOak. It stores my life.


Stay tuned! Tomorrow, you’ll hear from Michael Crane, UI/UX & QA.

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